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Meredith Bronwen Mallory

The 4400 4.09- "The One Where Everyone Goes Completely Effing Nuts"

And now, your weekly 4400 post. ^__^

Is it just me, or is this season starting to feel like we're all on a rollercoater trying to do our math homework whilst fighting killer zombies. Geeze, Writers, are you all high on caffeine? This season is moving faster than all the other seasons _combined_. X_x;; But at least your latest abrupt plot twist has not disturbed my plans for my fic too much. (This fic, incidentally, is currently known only as "The 4400 WIP OF DOOM". It's eating my brain.)

As always, thoughts on tonights events, in no particular order:

  • Did I hear Megan say she and Tom had sex with the lights on? *giggles* Wow, for Tom, that's pretty racy. I love how he's such a prude the morning after-- it's exactly how I picture him. Can't say I'm either surprised or terribly effected by the Megan/Tom.. don't really care either way, really. I do have to say that Megan is loads and loads better than Ilana.
  • Tom and Jordan were sharing screen space again! Scary. I keep having these terrifying flashbacks to last week's kinky phone conversation re: handcuffs. I think I have Tom/Jordan PTSD. ^_~
  • Tess takes over an old 50's diner FOR THE WIN. Even when she's crazy and accidently victimizing people out of her own childish self-centeredness, she's still so cute it hurts. I loved her I'm-twenty-two-but-think-I'm-sixteen party dress, and that her favorite song was 'Ridin' Around in My Automobile'. Chuck Berry= excellent taste, damn it.
  • And Kevin! Any bitterness I felt towards Kevin for developing the promicin shot has long since vanished, because it's clear he loves Tess above all things. More than the Movement, more than his freedom. Enough to forgive her for frying his hand off. All he wanted to do was help her and stop her from hurting other people. It must have hurt to have her retreat back in time, waiting for Bobby. *sigh* Tess/Kevin is my canon OTP for this series.
  • Meanwhile, Richard does not have schizophrenia, or any other viable excuse for his really creepy daddy issues. X_x;; Mind you, I'm glad Isabelle won't be all grown up and shaking her boobs in Kyle's face any more (though I saw her 'grown up' in the previews for next week. *hits writers*), but Richard's whole "we're going to be a family again" spiel was just creepy. Somewhere, in the afterlife, Lily is trying to decide whose ass to kick first.
  • Lily was in next week's previews! I miss Lily. She made everything so much more sane. *sigh* And she was just cool.
  • Speaking of cool-- Garrity watching the security feed from Promise City and calling Richard 'seriously bad-ass'. And he's right, Richard's ability is so much more refined and powerful now.
  • No Marco this week! *cries* He had to recover from Diana's meatloaf and the Uncomfortable Dinner of Doom.
  • The little advert Megan found on her car is frighteningly believable.
  • I really hate Cassie. Have I mentioned this?

Looks like next week is going to be even more crazy-- I wonder how much of it is actually going to stay canon. The writers may pull a dream-vision-other-poofy-plot-hole-thing on us. *sigh*

Still, I have inordinate amount of love for this show. Even if only one of my three favorite pairings is canon.

Oh! Scary thought-- Isabelle stayed eight, was *still* pwned by Maia, and Marco got saddled with babysitting both of them. *shudders*

ETA: Amber, you have to see *this*. Sirius/Remus with a side of Tonks/Moody. This picture owns DH's soul. ^__^
Tags: harry-potter, julian-verse, sirius/remus, slash, the-4400

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