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The 4400 4.10- "Revenge of the Evil Future People(tm)"

I really have nothing to say about tonight's episode that I haven't already said to Amber over at her journal. Basically, the best thing was the Garrity/Marco interaction, all smiles and warmness. Everything else was scary and dismal and did not bode well for Our Heroes. If Kyle doesn't Clue In soon, I'm gonna have to take a shovel to his head, or something.

And they were just teasing us with Lily. *sigh* I miss her. I really do.

However! To cheer myself up (at least until my muse drops me into the next distressing installment of 'We Were The More Deceived'), I started drawing something. I've seen lots of chibi cast portraits for fandoms like Harry Potter and Star Wars, so I thought it might be cool to do one for The 4400. Mind you, I'm not nearly as good an artist as a lot of people out there, but I decided to go ahead, since it gives me a chance to have fun and be silly. The bristol board I usually use is 9x12, which means I can fit twelve 3x3 mini-portraits on one sheet. (I'm thinking I might have to cheat and splice an extra row on via photoshop.) The first row is...

Maia Rutlidge, Diana Skouris, and Tom Baldwin. Guys are really hard to draw, and it doesn't help that Tom's hair is so *weird*. And yes, that is my handwriting on the snide comments, except for Tom's (which got cut off by the scanner). Maia was especially fun to do-- I tried to blend her background better, but my marker was running out. *pout* Copic and Prismacolor markers with Sakura gel pens and India ink on Bristol board.

Lemme know what you think! ^_^
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