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"Patience is a minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue."

Oh, Mr. Bierce, no one likes a know-it-all. ^_~

Five days into my new job, and I'm still alive. I'm not dead, and I'm not a zombie, so... that means I am alive, right? First day details are here. Since then, it's been all about learning the routine, getting to know the kids, and being more stubborn than little boys who refuse to nap, wash their hands, put on their shoes, use the rest room, give the toy back to so-and-so, stop kicking the chair... ect into infinity. There's one in every class-- I'm starting to think it might be a legal requiement. ^_~
But there are also some really sweet, thoughtful kids to make up for it. And Miss Fatima let me plan the craft today, so that was nice.

Here are some very brief thoughts on episode 4.11 of The 4400:

  • We saw Lindsay again! The awesome rainbow-haired girl of season three-- I'm glad she and Maia stayed friends. I'm not so keen on Maia sneaking off to Promise City, but my throat tighened a little at the scenes with her talking to the illusion of her dead parents. I think Diana will be hurt a little, though, when she finds out.
  • How much did I hate Little-Miss-Fashion-Concious-Oh-So-Brilliant-Abby/Allison-New-Girl from the Theory Room? A LOT. Much, much more than I hated Kyle's 'kiss with an unexpected character'.
  • And on that note-- ISABELLE? Oh, please. Amber and I called that months ago. Since when are she and Kyle so cuddly anyway? Last I checked, he rescued her because she was needed for the movement, not because he was keen on macking on the girl who almost killed his cousin.
  • Did you see the "Goodbye, Shawn"? That's my OTP, baby. Kyle is going to regret this.
  • Oh, Mehgan, you're all disconcerned because you've been sleeping with Creepy Old Future Guy, and not Tom. When she and Diana were in the elevator, I actually had a brief Mehgan/Diana thought. That would be a weird pairing. Cool, but weird.

In short, I hope the new theory room girl is some kind of plant; Marco doesn't need designer clothes to be cute; Kyle is making me cross, and Isabelle must die. ^_^

Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive. I know that a lot of my f-list is going back to college this week, or getting ready to go soon. Good luck! Here's to a great quater/semester for everyone! *clinks glass*

*Tom Servo voice* Shake your peach cobbler, baby, good times!
Tags: femslash, julian-verse, lichfield, literature, mst3k, slash, the-4400

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