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Ten Points to Team Shawn!

For being appreciably sane, especially when compared to Team Jordan and Team NTAC. *shakes head* Tsk, tsk.

Not much to say on the personal front, save that I've been enjoying my long weekend, and that Sam and I plan to go see Halloween on Monday. (Yeah, I know, I know-- but it's kind of fun.) In that vein, I have to rec a sort of out-of-the-way fic that I really enjoyed, called There's Someone For Everyone. It's Friday The 13th fanfic, if you can but dig it-- and Scribe takes the bold step of making Crystal Lake and its environs seem very real, populated by small-town people who would rather let secrets fester in the dark. Moreover, she creates a very lovely OC who is not a Mary Sue, but rather a remote outsider capable of perhaps understanding Jason in some way. It's not finished, but there are twelve nice chapters, and I very much enjoyed it. It's rather like Beauty and the Beast, though you'll have difficulty deciding exactly which is which.

And now, back to the subject line of the entry! One of the things I have been doing this weekend is working on, scanning, and fixing up my 4400 character portraits. ^__^ So, I give you the third row: Jordan Collier, Kyle Baldwin, and Shawn Farrell. *grins* I hope this is at least a little cheering, Amber-dear. ^_^

*ambles off*
Tags: art-post, fanart, fanfiction, film, horror, recs, the-4400

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