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The 4400 4.12- I Ret-Con Kyle/Isabelle Out of Existence

Kyle and Isabelle slept together. If Shawn/Isabelle was icky-gross-bad-wrong, then this is... well, pretty damn predictable, actually. No less disgusting for having been able to see it coming a mile away, but still. That should never have happened. But, in a way, it strengthens my Shawn/Kyle ship, because-- come on, she's clearly a proxy. Just like Lana is for Clark and Lex. (I hate Lana. Why has she taken over my Smallville? WHY!?) Kyle is all sweaty and naked with Isabelle, and in the back of his mind, he's thinking Shawn was here. Warped, man. ^_~

(Speaking of slash-- I've found Shawn/Jordan *queasy* and Kyle/Jordan slash *shudder*. Why is there no Shawn/Kyle slash? It's Not Right. At least I have my Amber, who sees what I see. ^_~)

Here are some other random observations:

  • I don't know if they made it clear in the show or not (I got distracted), but I choose to believe that Maia called Tom as part of a set-up plan orchestrated by Diana and Meghan. Despite what the writers seem to be implying lately, Maia is no dunce. *nod, nod*
  • Weren't Tess' outfits pretty? She still has a playful child-like nature I adore. And watching this episode was worth it, just for her storming Promise City, and the sweet scenes between her and Kevin. Tess/Kevin= love on the medical exam table. *giggles madly*
  • Shawn's gift is to heal. I think Danny's gift is to bestow sickness, and I can't say I feel bad for him. This whole promicin thing has been about besting his brother, nothing more.
  • Even though the Kyle/Isabelle NEVER HAPPENED, DAMNIT, it is now officially canon that Kyle is cuddly and not-cognizant after sex.
  • I think Shawn's mom really hurt his feelings with her comment. She doesn't get it. X_x;;
  • Julian and Garrity had a reverse intervention on Marco, and told him that evil-new-girl-Allison's wardrobe change was making him look pretentious. Thus, he looked cute and subtly stylish this week.

... I'm working really hard not to pay attention to the plot. Have you noticed? ^_~

On the upside, I have three and a half more pages of 'We Were The More Deceived'. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping I can finish up this chapter soon.
Tags: clex, julian-verse, slash, smallville, the-4400

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