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Angsty Vamps and Their Cadillacs

Can anyone point me towards some good Nick/LaCroix slash for Forever Knight? I used to love that show, and when I found it on amazon for thirty dollars, I couldn't resist ordering the first season. Okay, so it's a kinda-hokey vampire show, filmed in soap-opera vision, that tries to pass Seattle off as Toronto (or is it the other way around?). But still! The vibes between Nick and LaCroix alone could power a small city indefinitely. And I think Janette is extremely hot. (She's almost like a sane Drusilla... in a way I really can't quite articulate.) I've read all of Elfin's N/LC slash, but that's about the extent of my reading. Any crossovers with BTVS would be cool, too-- that is, assuming they exist.

Yes, Nick is angst-ridden, but at least he's more stylish about it. And there's no way you can't love LaCroix. Want to stab him repeatedly at times, yes, but still love him. ^___^
Tags: angel-the-series, buffy, forever-knight, horror, slash

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