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Another Samhain...

Here's hoping everyone has had a lovely (and lively!) Halloween! Working with children makes this holiday especially fun, since their excitement is contagious. There's something freeing and evocative about dressing in costume, to have a day/night to "come as you aren't". ^_^

I've been kind of MIA lately, and not for any clear reason. I tend to be wiped out after work, so I just come home and decompress by watching tv and drawing, or reading fanfic. My brother is traveling with the drumline on weekends, so I've been watching his girls, but that's pretty much it. For a while, I felt like Carol had flown the coop, but I have managed to write five pages of a Torchwood fic, and four more pages of "We Were The More Deceived" (The 4400).

Torchwood is my new fannish obsession. BBC America has finally started carrying it (last Saturday was Episode 1.09), and I've been completely seduced by the passionate, playful and still gut-wrenching glory that is Jack/Ianto. JACK/IANTO! I could have sworn I'd never ship Jack Harkness with anyone on a permanent basis (he's such a lovable man-whore), but there you go. And since I also 'ship Doctor/Rose, it all works out happily. I love the premise of Torchwood, and how willing the writers are to push the envelope. Good times! I've really lost interest in season three of Doctor Who (except the last few eps with Jack), but the Master is starting to draw me back in a little. He just enjoys being evil so much! He and Lex Luthor are villains that fully realize and acknowledge their evil, as a personal way of spiting their once intimate enemies. I like playful evil. ^_~ (Okay, so maybe I 'ship Doctor/Master a little, too... X_X;;;)

Nothing else to report really, save that I'm going to try and polish up some fic to post soon. I miss writing. ^__^

Hope you all have tons of candy and fun!
Tags: clex, doctor-who, jack/ianto, slash, smallville, the-4400, torchwood

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