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The Most Unforgettable Characters...

Gacked from minttown1, because I've missed doing fun little memes like this:
a. Post a list of 13 TV shows you love (current or canceled);
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each show;
c. When guessed bold the line and write a little bit about why you like that character.

Meredith's Top 13 TV Shows:
(in no particular order)
02.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
03.Forever Knight
04.Mystery Science Theater 3000
05.The 4400
06.Battlestar Galactica
07.Dr. Who (new series)
10.Stargate SG-1
12.Babylon 5
13.Red Dwarf

01. Firefly: Kaylee Fry-- (guessed by authoressnebula) There's something very earthy and playful about Kaylee; a natural, almost innocent sensuality that contrasts very nicely with Inara's controlled and refined attractiveness. I love the two of them together, how they're close in spite of their highly different social stations, and how they blur the lines between friends and lovers, sometimes without even realizing it. So cute. But Kaylee on her own is just as awesome. She can make even Mal smile! Her connection with machines (especially Serenity) is very intriuging, and I love how she's almost everyone's little sister. "Little Kaylee", as Mal calls her. I think she's also their unwitting moral compass, at times. She had me from "hey, you".

02. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spike-- (guessed by minttown1) I love Spike because he's not what you'd expect from a vampire. He's badass, but we also learn that a good percentage of that is a front. More over, unlike Angel and Nick Knight, Spike is a vampire who loves while still being... well, a vampire. I adore Spike's wit, his self-realization of being 'love's bitch', and his amazing ferocity when fighting back. He's a reluctant hero-- let's face it, doing good sometimes nigh-on gives him a rash. Somehow, I find that endearing. ^_^

04. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mike Nelson-- (guessed by gamesiplay) I have no intentions of provoking a huge Joel vs Mike arguement here, but I do like Mike best. Joel is one of the original geniuses behind the show, but I like Mike's bemused, lost-uncle-in-space demeanor. He's such a down to earth, Wisconsin-guy, being held captive in time and space. While I love the family dynamic with Joel and the 'bots, I like that Mike's authority with Crow and Servo is less certain. It makes for some very funny skits. Why, yes, I do psycho-analyze characters from comedy shows. Sue me. ^_~

05. The 4400: Maia-- (guessed by minttown1) I adored Maia when they first introduced her on the miniseries, and I've only come to like her character more over time. There's something very otherworldly about her, and yet the writers have shown us that she's fully capable of being a head-strong girl who gets herself into trouble, making mistakes based on over-confidence and the difficulty in finding footing between the 40's and the 21st century. Even when she's being a brat, I love her, because I know she'll turn around and do something amazing. And she totally pwned Isabelle. So what's not to love?

06. Battlestar Galactica: Sharon Valleri (aka Boomer)-- (guessed by minttown1) I like all the Sharons on BSG, but Boomer is my favorite. Watching her internal struggle was one of the most compelling parts of the first season. Boomer's real tragedy is that, unlike Athena, she had no one to coax her away from her programming-- no one like Helo to completely belive she was human. By the time Tyrol got that, it was too late. Now Boomer is back amidst the Cylons, and she doesn't belong there either. I can't wait to see what is in store for her next. And, wonder of wonders, she made me *like* a Six, even if only for a moment. Who would have believed it?

08. Torchwood: Jack Harkness-- (guessed by minttown1) Who doesn't love Jack? A charming man-whore with extreme issues regarding emotional intimacy; a brave coward who does the hero-thing because no one else will. The quips, the smile-- hell, the coat. But, perhaps what I like best about Jack is his relationship with Ianto. There's a longing for trust there, coupled with a lot of anger and some extreme closeness. I love how Jack flirts with Ianto, but doesn't push things too far. And, from the Who era, and I loved Jack's ability to be brotherly towards Rose, then turn around and wink. So cute.

09. M*A*S*H: Hawkeye Pierce-- (guessed by minttown1) I could write pages and pages about Hawkeye. But I'll keep it short and say I love him because he can save everyone but himself. Our darling madman who finally, irrevocably, went off the deep end.

10. Stargate: Daniel Jackson-- (guessed by minttown1) Any man who can hold his own against Jack O'Neill and not back down is awesome, but Danny is even more so because he so clearly got under Jack's skin. Our very own peaceful explorer!

11. Smaville: Lex Luthor-- (guessed by minttown1) Can I be coherent about Lex? ... No. He's so multi-layered, so caught up in a quest for Clark's truth while burying himself in his own lies. He knows he's going down the dark path without the breaks on, and he doesn't care. He's a villain with his own code of ethics-- which, of course, looks nothing like anyone else's, but it's there.
"You were right, Mrs. Kent. I am the villain of this story."

Speaking of television shows, does anyone else watch The Graham Norton Show on BBC America? I swear to god, he makes me laugh so hard I'm very afraid I'm going to hurt something. I can't take him in long doses (I usually only watch the first twenty minutes, depending on who the guests are), but I do love to listen to Mr. Norton dish and nance. Guilty pleasure.

I'm off to try and find my dining room table under all these piles of paperwork... you may never see me again. ^_~
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