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Gracias, Arigatou, Merci

Gracias, Arigatou, Merci.... however you say it, today's the officially sanctioned day to think about it. *sheepish smile* I'll be very thankful if all my friends have had a great Thanksgiving, whether they celebrate it or not. I hope everyone got the sort of day they wanted-- a big get-together with family, or a cozy gathering. My brother and I got together for the day, along with our mother and his girls. It's unusual for Mom to come down for Thanksgiving; usually, it's Sam and I going up for the big shindig at my grandmother's, but I think it turned out better this way. Mom didn't want to deal with all the extended family drama, and I don't blame her. Instead, we woke up this morning and ate a light breakfast, went to see Stephen King's The Mist at theater (extremely well done, btw ^_^), and came home to warm up Boston Market chicken, cornbread, greenbeans, and corn in the microwave. ("The pilgrims totally microwaved takeout," my brother told the girls, who know far better than to take anything he says seriously. Thus, today's catch phrase was "just like the pilgrims!". Ie, "Let's go to Starbucks" // "Just like the pilgrims!" X_x;;;) After our "thoroughly traditional" meal, everyone took a nap (Sam, Justine, and Gen are still napping!), and those of us that woke up watched Hairspray. All in all, a good day. *big grin*

The daycare section of Lichfield is open tomorrow, so I do have to work. Luckily, I'm splitting a shift with someone else, so it'll only be four hours. With the rest of Friday off, it will feel like a long weekend. I've made up some puppets, and plan on doing 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Little Red Ridding Hood' with the pre-K kids. They love doing stories they can participate in.

You know what? I am thankful. I'm thankful for my family, our collective health and happiness. I'm thankful for my friends, and for my students (well, most of them ^_~). I'm grateful I have a job, let alone one with insurance, and I'm thankful my job is one I enjoy 90% of time. I'm thankful I have people who bother to read my stories, or look at my drawings.

I hope you guys had a lovely day. Schmaltzy as it sounds: Thank you.


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