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2007: The Year of the Pig in Fics

Whee, look at my shiny new Boomer/Athena mood theme! My brother gave me Battlestar Galactica: Razor for Christmas, and it reminded me of all the reasons why that show kicks so much ass. I was very dubious about Razor (the previews made it look like it took place solely during the first Cylon war), but after getting used to the bit of revisionist history re: Kendra's existence, it was actually very good. Very, very good. Plus, I laughed at young!Adama-- he looked like beefcake. Big slab-o-man-meat. (Insert MST3K comments here: "Grisle McThornbody! Chunk Fistmeat! Crud Bonemeal! Kirk Ironsides!") No wonder Saul is desperately in love with him. ^_~

Anyway, it's that time of year again. It's time for Meredith to showcase her oobsessive nature and record her fic-posting for the year 2007. It's frightening to me that I enjoy book-keeping. *sheepish*

2007: The Year of the Pig in Fic Review

  • Powder and Wax-- [SMALLVILLE: Clark/Lex] January 23rd, 2007 (here)
    (And once again, I ring in the New Year with some Clex. Some intensely disturbing Clex, actually. It's Lex without the safety brakes! X_x;; I will always be a Clex girl, no matter how f*cked up their relationship gets-- that foundation of friendship, awe, and that unfulfilled longing to trust will always be there, buried under their (mountainous) issues. This fic was born of my irritation with the later seasons of Smallville, and a need to deal with the horror that is Lexana in canon. Oh, Lana, Lex is only sleeping with you because Clark was there first. I enjoyed writing this piece, and am still rather proud of how pretty-yet-disturbing it is. Huh.
  • The Red Truck Affair 4/?-- May 16th, 2007 [DC COMIC VERSE/SMALLVILLE; Tim/Kon, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Dick] ( here)
    I am still working on this, believe it or not! The idea is just too much fun to leave alone. I love the fact that Clark and Lex have a son in DC canon, and it tickles my inner fangirl to no end to think of Smallville Clark and Lex being faced with that idea. It's hard to say who'd be more traumatized by the idea; Clark, Lex, or.. Kon. On second thought, it's definitely Kon. Plus, this story helps me counter the depression caused by current DC happenings.
  • From Where Ever I Am To You 7/?-- [STAR WARS: Padme/Vader] May 23rd ( here)
    It never fails-- when the going in RL gets tough, I return to this story. I started it years and years ago when I was under a great deal of emotional stress, and now it seems I need to be in the mood for escapism in order to write more. X_x;; I actually know how this ends now, though, which is truly a concept. It's all a matter of getting there!
  • From Where Ever I Am To You 8/?-- [STAR WARS: Padme/Vader] June 13th, 2007 ( here)
    You know, there's actually only two-- maybe three-- chapters left of this before I reach the end. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution-- finish 'From Where Ever...' Assuming anyone remembers it, that is. ^__^;;
  • And Princes Kept the View-- [The 4400: Shawn/Kyle] June 14th, 2007 ( here)
    Amber is my darling enabler when it comes to this pairing, and I wrote this story for her. As excited as we were over having The 4400 to watch again, we were both very wary of just how long the writers would allow our best-friend-cousins pair to actually be on the same side. Not long, as it turns out. *rolls eyes* Predictable. But it's nice to think about all those odd, almost moments they must have had before Shawn was taken. Not all cousins would be so willing to sacrifice themselves to keep the other one safe. Love these guys.
  • We Were the More Deceived 1/?-- [The 4400; Shawn/Kyle, Maia] August 13th, 2007 (here)
    I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic distopias-- I guess it's that geeky little sixth grader who used to bury her nose in pulp sci fi, still kicking around inside me somewhere. ^_^ Jordan's visions during the year he was zombified dead certainly show a dire future, as do the nightmares Maia had this season. *shudders* This is dark, but I can't help it. I actually have a second chapter of this sitting on my desktop. It just needs two final paragraphs.
  • Certain For the Dead 1/?-- [TORCHWOOD: Jack/Ianto] November 8th, 2007 (here)
    Ah, Torchwood-- where the angsty sex isn't just a diversion, it's a bloodsport. My love for Jack/Ianto knows no bounds-- they had me from Jack's saucy "and [Ianto] looks good in a suit". By the time Jack was snogging poor defenseless Ianto giving Ianto "CPR" in 1.04, I was a goner. I really want this pairing to go glorious places-- obviously, I'm a nut, because it's a canon relationship and thus clearly doomed. It's enough to make a girl crazy. So, here's me being my usual self: a hopeless romantic, but not a very nice one. ^_^;;
  • Certain for the Dead 2/?-- [TORCHWOOD: Jack/Ianto] November 15th, 2007 (here)
    I managed to keep pretty steady going on this, wonder of wonders, until the stress of Christmas hit. *sigh* We'll see if I can't keep it up after the New Year.
  • Certain for the Dead 3/?-- [TORCHWOOD: Jack/Ianto] November 29th, 2007 (here)
    Why, yes, this pairing is addictive. What makes you ask?
  • Certain for the Dead 4/?-- [TORCHWOOD: Jack/Ianto] December 6th, 2007 (here)
    Series Two needs to start. RIGHT NOW. *searches in vain for a TARDIS of her own.

    Works in Progress
  • walls2.cwk
    Three pages of the next chapter of 'We Were the More Deceived'
  • debeers_zombie.cwk
    Two pages of an original zombie story, inspired by a comment Amber made. X_x;;
  • songofemily.cwk
    The nine-page short story I wrote for my grandfather for Christmas.

    Fics Posted This Year:
    One-Shots: 2
    Chapters of On-Going Stories: 8
    Total: 10
    Bits 'n Bobs: 3

I'd feel bad about only writing ten pieces this year, but that's actually only one less than in 2006, and I was so sure I had written far fewer. So it's actually something of a relief. X-x;; Especially when you consider that, for most of 2007, I was working two jobs, and that I switched to a new (and far more stressful) place of employ in August. Not quite a 'go me!' moment, but still satisfactory. I really want to keep the ball rolling on 'Certain for the Dead', and-- this may be an impossible dream-- finish 'From Where Ever' this year.

The Management thanks you for your indulgence of our anal tendancies. ^__^
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