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"Just a castaway..."

I didn't go into work Thursday or Friday-- I lost my voice on Wednesday night and, though I showed up for work on Thursday, the director hear one croak out of me and sent me home. Good thing, too, as I soon discovered I had the chills and, as an added bonus, a low-grade fever. The fever cleared out Friday afternoon, and my voice is better (not great, but better), but I now have a cough that makes me sound like an escapee from the TB ward. Taking my asthma meds, sucking on lots of cough drops, and cursing the nurse practitioner because she won't call a perscription in without having seen me first. Her stance is thoroughly understandable, but not really helpful, as I can't get an appointment until Tuesday.

While I've been feeling crappy, the past two days have actually been kind of good for me. It's given me time to get my head together and breathe, instead of being on the constantly unnerving rollercoaster that is my workplace. The constant gossip, backstabbing, politics, and ass-kissing are enough to make a person like me (someone who is, at her best, in a constant state of low-grade paranoia) afraid to turn her back on the copy machine. (Okay, so not really, but you know what I mean. The copy machine is actually one of the most trustworthy people there. ^_~;;; I so wish I was joking.)

So, in between taking distressingly drowsy medicine and having oddly soupy dreams about sea-serpents, I've been watching DVDs, reading fic, and counting down the days until Torchwood season two. January 26th, BBC America. TORCHWOOD, people!

Random related observations, in no particular order:

  • I re-watched The X-Men Movie last night. There are no words for how much I adore the Wolverine/Rogue dynamic-- though I'm not really into the idea of them as a romatic pair. First of all, Logan does not strike me as the settling-down type. He'll always come back to Marie, because she's one of the few people he's really allowed himself to care about, but I don't see him as ever giving up wandering. Also, he's got Rogue on a bit of a pedastool (she does the same for him, big time), and I don't think he puts her remotely near the category of The Type of Women Logan Would Have Sex With. But god help the poor sap that wants to date Marie-- it's that protective older-brother-thing. ^_^ Speaking of which, I have a fic rec. It is does take L/M down something of a sexual path, but the characterization, and the balance of their relationship is so perfect that it doesn't bother me. It's called Scrap Metal, by MollyTM. Set in an ambiguous else-world after X2, it has great character voices, and cameos by X-Men from the comics. (Why Jubilee was not in the movies is a mystery I cannot fathom.) Best line: "Bobby saw Marie without clothes. Now Bobby has to die. Part of him feels kind of regretful, because he really does kind of like the boy, but that’s just the way it has to be. "
  • Speaking of recs, and of Torchwood: I recently discovered something incredibly awesome. LazuliKat, the same brilliant writer who gave us "Repossession"-- the Spander epic to end all Spander epics-- has written Torchwood fic. Not just any TW fic, mind... it's Jack/Ianto Torchwood fic! It's called Attrition, and it is so mind bogglingly awesome that there are not words. No matter what happens to Jack/Ianto in series two, this fic will always have a piece of canon in my heart. It's that good. Go. Now. Read.
  • Also on the subject of Torchwood (it's addictive! take warning): James Marsters (aka Spike) is gonna be in the first episode of series two! I've seen previews, both on BBCA and on Youtube, and I have to tell you that he is on fire. And he's on screen with John Barrowman (Jack) and Gareth-whose-last-name-I-can't-spell (Ianto). Your screen will explode from the pretty.

  • In short: watch Torchwood. It pwns you, and your stopwatch. ^_^
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