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"Someone From First Battalion Crapped in My Foxhole!"

Basically, I spent most of yesterday cutting huge paper hearts out of red and pink cardstock, so I'll be ready to do art projects with the kids first thing in the morning. Normally, I try to do two or three art projects a week (usually one on our theme, and another centered on whichever letter of the alphabet we're working on), but I'm focusing this week on helping the kids make valentines for their parents. First of all, I think it will be fulfilling for the kids to have something nice to give their parents, and I kind of want to focus attention away from the romantic notions of Valentine's Day and focus on friendly and familial love, instead. It's crazy, but at four years old most of these kids are already having crushes, copying courtship behaviors they see on TV, and bringing all the related drama into an already tense social atmosphere. Some of them (particularly the ones that have been at Lichfield since they were babies) were paired up by their past teachers because they showed fondness for one another as toddlers. (Example: Jack and Helena are in the two-year-old division, but even their parents refer to them as a couple, and have done since they began having baby-talk conversations across their cribs at ten months old.) There's really nothing I can do about such a stiflingly hetero-normative environment except encourage and validate girls and boys who enjoy activities atypical to their 'gender'.

I guess I keep harping on this, but some of the social constructs I encounter disturb me. This is 2008, right?
... then again, I may be over-educated. Or I could take things way too seriously.

Anyway! Speaking of things that are definitely *not* falling in line with social norms: How much do I love Torchwood?

(((((THIS MUCH!!!)))) RTD is doing a brilliant job with Doctor Who, but Torchwood is like his own little playground. He had me hooked from the moment Jack introduced Ianto as 'looking good in a suit'. I want to *be* Jack Harkness when I grow up. ^_~ Seriously, I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that adore Jack and Ianto, both separately and as a unit. However, I also have a massive crush on Tosh (I loved her affair with Mary in 1.07, and she struck me as insanely adorable dressing up for her frozen boyfriend in "To The Last Man"). I even like Owen. (Well, most of the time.) I don't like Gwen, who seems to think she's the Welsh answer to Lana Lang but I imagine that doesn't surprise anyone, either. I just about squee-d myself to death last night, watching Ianto lean over Jack's desk and steal a kiss.
"Why, would you miss me?"
"Yep." *snogsnogsnog*
Oh, Ianto, you are a man of few but potent words. ^_~

I'm kind of frustrated, because I have two Torchwood bunnies, in addition to wanting to write more of "Certain For the Dead". And yet, my muse, she has flown the coup. Granted, she's probably bored. Most my week nights look like this:
-Clock out from work
-Get Starbucks
-Go home
-Pop MST3K (sometimes Film Crew or Red Dwarf) in the DVD player
-Drink Starbucks while drawing and laughing at the sci-fi comedy
-Gather whatever is needed for class the next day
-Shower and bed
Sometimes, if Sam and I are really feeling wild, we go to Wal-Mart and grap some pizza before he goes on third-shift.
*sigh* At the end of the day, I'm usually exhausted and need to laugh at something. However, I'm starting to miss writing something awful-- I hate having a block, and I haven't written anything since I finished a twelve page story called "Song of Emily", which was a Christmas present for my grandfather. Arg! Plus, I signed up for a Lily/Severus fic exchange, the product of which is due in May. "Oh, May," I thought when I saw the challenge, "I hardly ever do challenges-- it'll be fun, and May will be easy." Hahaha, silly me.

Is there a Department of Missing Muses?

On the upside, I just watched two episodes of Band of Brothers, simply because it was on the History Channel. I always forget how much I love that show until I watch it again-- it's so unusual to have so much honest fondness for so many characters. Basically, I'd take the whole company home with me, if I could.

And, no matter how stressful your life gets, it's always good to remember that you could be trying to avoid German artillery fire while crouching in a foxhole someone crapped in. Perspective, people! ^_~
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