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[fic] Things Rank and Gross Possess It Merely 1/5 (Torchwood/DW; Jack/Ianto)

Wow. It seems as soon as I complain about my muse being uncooperative, she breezes back in so she can be difficult in a whole new way. ^_~ I was worried, since I hadn't written anything since Christmas. In the past three days, I've produced eleven pages, which is pretty damn fast for me. Unfortunately, it's not for "Certain For the Dead", though I'm still thoroughly obsessed with Torchwood and Jack/Ianto. They are some damn brave, pretty boys, that's for sure. (Though, you know, I totally watch for the plot. ^_~)

Right. So here's the first seven of the aforementioned eleven pages-- I'm working my way steadily through chapter two, which I'm hoping to have ready next week. Despite myself, I'm fascinated by the last three episodes of Doctor Who, Series Three. The whole Utopia/Master arc, not to mention how conveniently Torchwood got "sidetracked to the Himalayas". This takes place during the Year That Never Was and, as such, is pretty dark. Nothin' I could do about that. But it *is* hardcore Jack/Ianto, with a hopeful ending and a (planned) happy sequel.
Enough of my yammering-- if I talk any more, I'm going to lose my nerve and not post.

As always, I can't thank you enough for bothering to read. If I could bother you just a bit more to comment, I'd be greatly in your debt. ^___^

Things Rank and Gross Possess It Merely 1/5 (Torchwood/DW; Jack/Ianto, R)Collapse )
Tags: doctor-who, fanfiction, jack/ianto, slash, torchwood

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