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Take over the world, or go shopping? Why not do both!

Starting a new job always makes me incredibly nervous. And yet, being jobless for a week makes me feel aimless and disconnected, no matter how busy I keep myself. So, clearly, the solution to these feelings is to take two hundred dollars out of the hiding place in my mattress (why, yes, I do sometimes behave as if I was raised during the Great Depression-- why do you ask? ^_~) and go downtown for some shopping. I made Sam come with me while the girls were in school. The draw was that he could look at the old sheet music at the rare bookstore on Main Street but, as he pointed out later, I clearly had evil subconcious plans to make him carry all my bags. I am a supervillian, yes. ^_^

I bought a pair of sapphire earrings (dangly, but of conservative length and cut), a glazed glass barrette made to look like a cluster of morning glories, a midnight blue 1940's button-up blouse from the vintage clothing store, and a book entitled, Among the Missing: An Anecdotal History of Unsolved Disappearances From 1880 to the Present. Sam got a three separate tymphani compositions from the 1950's and, yes, he did end up carrying my packages and my coat, but I paid him in Dunkin' Donuts and Penn Station Subs, so what does he have to complain about? Also, we were mistaken for a married couple twice, which is intensely disturbing-- various embarrassed service persons assured that they assumed so because, while we were bickering, we were not actively attempting to kill each other, as they would with their siblings.

That was on Thursday. When we got home, we took the girls to see the sneak preview of Iron Man (which was so, so completely awesome there are not words to express it in a succinct manner). Pepper rocked; the music rocked, the presentation was at once rousing and funny. I loved it, though I'll always be a DC girl at heart. On Friday, I authorized a direct deposit for my new job, and ironed out some details with my direct supervisor. I'm working second shift in the credit 'help desk' section of the call center of A Major Department Store Corporation That Shall Remain Nameless (though I'll give you a cookie if you want to guess ^_~). There's three weeks of training first, but it's all paid, and paid well. Not to mention better health insurence. I'm thinking of going back to college this summer, one or two classes at a time. Mostly to keep my Japanese skills up-- I have my resume in with three different Japanese-only placement companies in the area, and I want to be in top form if something comes up.

On Friday evening, I watched Battlestar Galactica, which is still incredibly awesome, and also slightly trippy now that the breaks are off. Cylons at war! Baltar the cultist! Starbuck hurtling at the speed of light, and Tyrol finally admitted he loved (loves?) Boomer! Awesome.

I have Leigh's thesis ready for me to read, and my sights set on buying the revised edition of Stephen King's The Gunslinger before I start work. *crosses fingers* I really, really want this job to go well.

Thanks for listening!
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