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"You Woke Up The Baby!"

Wow, I hadn't really realized how long it's been since I've written in this thing. My last public entry was back in May! *blanches* I've been more concerned with keeping up with my friends' pages since I started working-- plus, while I like my job, it's not terribly interesting. I am thinking of moving to Fraud Investigations or Entrance Apps after my first six months, mostly because I'm getting the feeling I don't want to be on the phone at Christmas. People are insane during holidays. I've only done Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the one-day sale we had last week-- it was absolute madness, and veterans told me the nonstop carnivals I experienced are a walk in the park compared to Black Friday. X-x;;; On big sale days, the department gives free popcorn, ice-cream, hot-dogs and other food bribes to all employees, as if to dull the pain. We also played phone-bingo during the 4th, which is an experience I'll never forget. ^_~

Anyway. Those are pretty much the highlights-- I come home, curl up on the couch with a novel (finished At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft; have moved on to Stephen King's Dreamcatcher*), read for a while, and fall asleep. I usually startle awake when the air-conditioning finally kicks on, at which point I wash my hair and march myself off to bed.

But what makes every day fresh, interesting and new? Fandom, of course! ^_~ (Ahaha... it's not completely true, but it would still be less sad if it weren't so accurate. ^^;)

Shows Meredith Has Been Watching and Shall Now Ramble About:

Law & Order: I swear, I was never a big fan of this show, really. My mom has been hooked on it practically since it started airing, way back in the day, but I never got hooked. That is, until she spent the week of the 4th visiting me, and figured out how to work my DVR. The original L&O still didn't tickle my taste buds. Goran on CI amused me, but didn't hook me either. You know what it was? It was John Munch on Special Victims Unit-- his dry cynicism, his chemistry with Fin, his intense and almost Snape-like paranoia. That, and the sheer hotness of Casey Novak. Since I've started poking around the L&O fandom online, I've noticed a lot of hostility towards Casey-- mostly, I think, because she replaced Alex (who always struck me as a bitchy ice queen) and broke up the heavily yet subtextual Liv/Alex OTP. But I think Casey's awesome-- she has this defensive sort of vulnerability, yet she's sharp and capable, and very quick on her feet. I also think she and Liv have this 'affectionate adversary' relationship which I find very sexy.
Also, I think Munch and Fin are doing it. When I informed my mother of this, she told me I had broken her brain.

Doctor Who: I haven't been really dedicated to watching DW since they broke up the Doctor and Rose* in series two. I watched the last four episodes of series three, entirely because of Jack Harkness' cameo. (Come on, is there any one in the entire universe who hasn't fallen for our adorable little intergalactic manwhore? I think not!) I'm a big Jack/Ianto 'shipper, and I had to see what happened during The Year That Never Was. In the process, I discovered how much I liked The Master (he's like Lex Luthor! but with time travel! and aliens! ... not wait, Lex has those too. ^_~), and even grew to admire Martha. When I heard Billie Piper was coming back for the end of series four, I absolutely could not miss it. Don't get me wrong, I was struck with cold fear in my heart-- no one can trust RTD-- but I saw her with her awesome gun and her pretty blue jacket and I had to be there. I don't want to spoil anyone, since it hasn't aired in the US yet, so I'm just going to say that I thought Ten/Rose got a happy ending. It was weird, and warped, but it was as 'happily ever after' as DW gets. Normally, I don't even *like* HEA (not in the conventional sense, at least), but this felt right to me.
Also, there was Jack/Ianto!

MARTHA: How did you get that information?
JACK: I... met a soldier... in a bar.
IANTO: When was this?
JACK: Strictly professional!

I love those two. And Ianto helped Jack put his coat on. Crucial job, holding coats. ^_^

Hellboy: I finally, finally got to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I've been looking forward to it for a long time, but was trying to keep my hopes down because... well, because. I love Hellboy, but I felt that the first movie ripped off Lovecraft a bit too much, and there were way too many german soldiers of a certain time period I do not like to discuss. I think I talked with Amber about this, but I was also disappointed that Myers wasn't coming back, and I didn't think we'd get too much of Professor Broom, as he's dead in the present day, and all. I had a great time, though! I thought Princess Nuwala was going to be of the Old Ones, like in H.P. Lovecraft's "Shadow Over Innsmouth" (in the trailer, the cuts on her face looked like gills to me). I was relieved to find she and her brother were elves, and found her character more appealing than I expected. Liz also grew on me a lot-- she seemed to have matured. She was still moody, but she definitely understood and returned the depth of Hellboy's affection. It was nice to see she was as willing to sacrifice for him as he was for her in the first movie. Other awesome things included kiddie!Hellboy and his bedtime story (we did see Broom! yay!), Liz's hair and cross necklace, Nuwala's wardrobe, and the awesome imagery in general. Also, Hellboy does not want icky old troll ladies to eat the cats.

Best line? Upon hearing the words 'Golden Army', Hellboy says, "Howdy Doody Time".
... You kinda had to be there. ^_^

*hugs tight*

*The slash in that novel-- like mainline crack, it is. I also find it funny that King openly admits his wife referred to the novel in progress as 'the one with the shit-weasles'.
*Yes, a het pairing I actually zealously support! The horror! ^_~
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