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"Don't try to dig what we all say..."

Ohhh, look at the spinning galaxies. ^__^;; Finally got off my bottom and redecorated my lj, which is really just a small symptom of a larger mid-summer cleaning virus that seems to have taken hold of me. I normally do a dust/vaccuum sweep of the house every week to ten days, but I've been digging through closets and scrubbing down on a large scale, recently. Part of it was the local news that the Cinci area has centipedes in unusually high numbers this year. I hate centipedes! Oh, words can not express my hatred, my loathing, my firm belief that no creature on this or any other planet could ever really need that many legs. Evil things! *shudders* But the cleaning needed to be done anyway, so it's all good.

Moreover, cleaning my physical surroundings seems to have helped my mental landscape. I actually wrote something! I am so completely thrilled and relieved by this that I cannot stop myself from throwing in many excessive exclaimation points (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Look at 'em all! To be perfectly honest, I don't think I've written more than a paragraph together since the middle of February, when I finished the first chapter of 'Things Rank and Gross Possess It Merely' (Torchwood). All while things were spiralling out of control at my previous job, I was just hanging on for dear life-- I didn't write a thing, and couldn't even manage to approach it once I started at Nameless-Co. I just, couldn't. It was starting to really bother me. I know it seems stupid, but I was so relieved to have produced four pages yesterday that I almost cried. It's not stupid to me, though-- at the risk of 'jinxing' myself, I needed to know it was still in me.

Nothing much else to add, save that I just caught a peek at the new Harry Potter trailer! *bounces* This gives me something to look forward to, cinema-wise, before Watchmen comes out in March. It looks dark, but... *fangirl moment* OMG MY SNAPE IS A TITLE CHARACTER */fangirl moment*

*bounces* So, how are you guys? ^_^
Tags: harry-potter, nameless-co, stephen-king, torchwood

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