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13 August 2008 @ 01:19 am
"And the russian judge gives it a nine..."  
*waves* Hey, there. I was going to post something over the weekend, but I keep getting distracted by the Olympics. I'm not a big sports person-- gymnastics and figure skating are pretty much my picks for summer and winter games-- but when there are ladies playing volleyball in damp sand... yeah, it's hard not to watch. ^_^;; And Japan had a pretty kick-ass team too. My mom and I are terrible; we get on the phone to watch gymnastics together, and end up just slamming the commentators. I was howling with laughter by the time my mother suggested perhaps some of the male anchors are downloading 'crotch cam' from the balance beam. Bad Mom, no cookie. ^_~

I had a pretty awesome birthday, too. As is tradition, Sam took the girls and I to Montgomery Inn Ribs, where I had a full king-size slab, and Grater's icecream for dessert. (Raspberry chocolate chip... mmmm...) My grandmother sent me a pair of crystal earrings and an iTunes card, the girls bought me a pack of what my family refers to as 'Meredith's snooty artist pencils', but my mom and brother really blew me away. A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite rings went missing, and then mysteriously reappeared. I thought I was just being a flake, but it turned out that Sam had taken the ring down to Dillard's so they could size the ring and my mom went in on together. (I have *extremely* tiny fingers.) It's just gorgeous! It's a oval-cut Dawn Topaz stone (sometimes called Twilight Topaz, depending on the vendor), in a gold setting. Not only does it match the bracelet and necklace they got me for Christmas, but the stone is seriously the size of my thumbnail. Now, granted, I have small nails to go with those tiny fingers, but it's still amazingly big. I'll have to take a picture-- it just feels so elegant and at the same time decadent, wearing it. I guess it sounds like avarice, but jewelry is really my one weakness-- I love the colors that get trapped inside gemstones. I leaned over the table and smacked Sam full on the cheek when I got it, I was so astonished.

My birthday present to myself was being able to sign up to have Friday off per budget at Nameless Co-- we're always really slow just before a sale, and they offer days off without penalty on a first-come-first-serve. I am working an extra hour on Saturday (1:30 PM- 11:15 PM), but since Saturday is my Friday, it shouldn't be too bad.

To finish up, here's a picture I drew while the phones were slow. It's baby!Hellboy, inspired by some whimsical discussions I've had with Amber. I imagine Hellboy was a bit of a challenge to feed, even as a wee lil' demon. There's also a pencil-sketch of baby!Abe floating around here somewhere that I ought to finish. ^_^

I tried to write last night, but after a page and a half of convoluted muck, I gave up. *sighs, rocks* It'll come when it's ready. I think what I need to do is write a side-story for "Certain For the Dead" before I go back to the main present-line plot. I dunno. It's just that, watching "Fragments" makes it pretty much canon that the Hub was a simmering hotbed of UST pretty much from the time Jack hired Ianto until "Cyberwoman". Jack *so* enjoyed being rolled on.
Still, there is to be no bad writing! *Johnny Depp voice* "Bad writing is not allowed! What do we do with bad writing? We erase it!" */end JD voice*

And now, I think I hear some vanilla scones calling my name from the kitchen....
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Amber: the 4400 | kyle/shawnminttown1 on August 13th, 2008 05:45 am (UTC)
I'm glad you had a nice birthday!

That Hellboy picture is so cool. I especially like the symbol work. The details in your pictures are always such great touches.
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: dcgirlsgarnettrees on September 2nd, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Heh. It took me way too long to reply to this, but-- thank you! I love baby!hellboy. There's something so disconcerting cute about him, even though he's an interdimensional being created for the sole purpose of bringing armageddon. ^_~