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Well, I certainly managed to disappear for a while there, didn't I? It's amazing how fast days can go. I swear, every night when I get home from work, I think, "I'll have my Starbucks, read for a while, and post to LJ". I manage the first two, but always seem to end up asleep on the couch with whatever novel I'm reading clutched to my chest. This prompted Sam to come in, wake me up (they were out of eggs at his house-- he thought he'd come over and help himself to some of mine), and ask me, "Is Mr. King really that good in bed?"
"What?" I asked, still mostly asleep. He pointed to the book in my hand, which was Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I promptly threw it at him.

In other news, the scheduling department is redoing *all* the schedules in the Credit Granting department, which means I no longer get to have my comfy Tuesday-Saturday work week. They gave us six options, the "best" of which turned out to be a Friday-Sunday four-day work week with ten hours each day. I am using the term 'best' in a very loose sense here, clearly. ^_~
It's not all that bad-- it'll be nice to have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off all in a row; and my days won't be switched at random. I'm just not sure I can do ten hours at a stretch. *bites lip* We'll see what happens. It's effective on the 7th which means, due to where the switch falls, I'll end up working four eight hour days and two ten hour days in a row before I get a break again. .... *nervous laughter* And during our mattress sale, too! Who knows, after six days, a mere ten hours might look like a synch.

Nothing much else to add, save that I went to the funeral of a distant relative on Saturday. It was in Kentucky, were my grandfather's side of the family is from, and even my mother came in for the occasion. The death was of my great-grandmother's (Hazel) youngest sister, Pearl. There were originally four sisters; Hazel, Opal, Stell, and Pearl. (If you're sensing a theme here, it's not your imagination. Stell was a half-sister. ^_~) Pearl was the youngest of them, and the last to go; I'd never met her, but went in support of my grandfather and mother, and convinced Sam it was important to go too. It was a bit awkward-- just the usual tense atmosphere of extended relatives who are basically strangers, except in that you know you have a significant amount of genetic material in common. Then my mom's sister and brother showed up, and the day went down the toilet. There were raised voices; hurtful things were said, people got lost on the way to the wake, other people ended up shouting and fighting. Generally making a scene right there on the sidewalk of Somewhere-In-Suburbia. By the time it was all over, I was sitting on a rain-gutter with my arm around my mother while she cried.


Basically, if when my cousin gets married, I'm sending a box of condoms and a note that says 'do the world a favor'. You could not pay me to go. My mom, brother and I came home, licked our wounds, and watched Young Frankenstein until we fell asleep.

The high point of the day was Sam, who can always be counted on for a good parting shot. While my Aunt T fought with our out-of-town relatives, trash talked my mom, used the bad word for Jews and topped it off by 'outting' me, the three of us edged to the door. Finally, with one hand on the knob, Sam ushered my mother and I onto the porch and looked at the rest of the family.
"Well," he said, "what kind of party is this? There's no booze, and only one hooker. Bye, Aunt T!"

Yes, it was crass and mean. It was also the tamest insult anyone gave that day. My brother is love, and I will not hear differently on the matter. ^_~

*sigh* Sorry, Great Aunt Pearl.
Though, from some of the stories my grandfather told about her, I understand she might have found the whole thing more laughable than offensive. *wry look*

Thanks for listening, guys,
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