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*singing* "'Cause a duck may be somebody's mother..."

My brother called me this morning at seven in the bleed'n am, to annouce loudly in my sleep-clouded ear, "I just voted mothafucka!"
I am taking away his South Park DVDs.

In all seriousness, he went to vote right after he got off work at six, and stood in line for about forty-five minutes. (Fifteen of which were spent waiting for the polls to open.) He was number nine to vote in our precinct.
(Ohioans are slow voters, I know. Hush. Our ballots have little bubbles that need to be colored in, which people seem to find inordinately challenging. Are they having SAT flash backs? Who knows.)

I went around two in the afternoon, in between the lunch rush and the just-got-off-from-work crowd. It only took me about ten minutes, but the line was really starting to get long as I was walking out. With all the voter fraud in Ohio, I was relieved to see they were checking ID and addresses. And I was number 300-- I felt like there should have been some sort of prize. ^_~

The big issues in Ohio were #5 (payday loans) and #6 (adding a casino). There was also #1 (property rights and ground water) and one about the length of time before you can put a proposal on the ballot. We are just crazy in this state, I tell you. We live fast, hard and dangerous in these parts. *giggles, rolls eyes*

Now there's nothing to do but sit and wait. Though it's been pretty obvious what the outcome was going to be all along.

ETA: And now we know.
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