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"Industriable, my ass!"

*points to icon* My brother brought me a copy of Hellboy II: The Golden Army this morning. He actually bought a copy for each of us, since he wanted the three-disc special edition and the BPRD belt-buckle they were selling. The buckle looks cool, but the way the symbol hangs makes it look like a warning sign meant to indicate, 'caution! there is a sword in my pants!'. *sweatdrop* I dunno.

Anyway, I just finished watching Hellboy-- I actually think I enjoy this one just as much, if not more, than the first. The scenery and characters are so astonishingly beautiful and grotesque, and Nuwala's dresses are to die for. Plus, Hellboy and Abe's drunken Barry Manillow kareoke? Priceless.

I also took my eldest niece to see The Haunting of Molly Hartley today. It was okay-- entertaining, but it tried a little to much to riff on Rosemary's Baby, without forming a solid center of its own. It was still a nice diversion, and it's always nice to treat Samantha to something separate from her sisters. Never having had a sister myself, I still imagine it might get a little annoying to have to share so much. Going to 'grown-up' movies with my mom was always a nice invidual treat, when I was a kid. Molly Hartley wasn't graphic at all, which was nice. It was more of a psychological-thriller-with-a-side-order-of-Satan.
Servo-voice: "Mommy, it's Satan and its fun!"

In other news, I'm up for my six-month review at work tomorrow. *bites nails* I hope my manager built crying-time into my meeting. Haha. I wish that was a joke. If I get eight good calls and two bad ones, he always makes me listen to both the bad ones and none of the good ones. He also told me he was writing me up for being 'sloppy' last week, because I accidentally clocked one too many times. X_x;; I usually just try to avoid him as much as possible.
This is supposed to be my chance for a raise, but at this point I'm just hoping to get through the meeting. Cross your fingers for me, onegai shimasu. (Please? ^_^;;)

Nothing much else to share, save that 70% of my DVR is taken up with episodes of House, MD. I have a House/Wilson monkey on my back. (The other 30% is comprosed of History channel documentaries on alien theories and human sacrifice. What does that say about me?)

Take it easy, guys!
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