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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing all my friends, in the states and abroad, a Happy Thankgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with friends and family (or sans family, if you prefer ^_~), with good karma all around. It's rare for me to draw sentimental holiday pictures, but I really felt like it this year. I had a wonderful time with my own loved ones, and just... I think it's important to celebrate togetherness with the people you truly cherish, not the people you feel obligated to pretend with. If you really care about someone, you want to protect them and make them happy, right? That's what love means. So here's to happy families, traditional and otherwise. Kanpai!

I wanted to color in the background on this picture, but I didn't really have the chance. *sigh* I wanted to get it up in a somewhat timely fashion. So, from left to right: Mark, baby Sayuri (who does not want her bottle-- she wants Mark's soda), Miku with her finger in the pie (dessert first!) and Leonid laughing about it, Kanoe with the turkey, and Devin with her girlfriend Letticia (sharing a Grape Nehi).

I'm working Black Friday tomorrow (X_x;;;), so I should probably get to bed. (I'm doing 8:30am-7:30pm. Shoot me now.) I've never done this before, so I'm very nervous, especially after all the horror stories from the seasoned associates. If you have a sec tomorrow, wish me luck. I'll be in the trenches.

Though, if someone from ECom shits in my foxhole, all bets are off. ^_~
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