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Going to JAPAN! (Mo! Ichi! Dou!) ^_~

I can't believe I went four weeks without posting. I'm a wretched, wretched person... (and yes, I know I'm always saying that! ^^;) At least I have a reason for the last two weeks.

... I'm going to Japan. As in, on Monday. At 9:55 am.

And I'm only half packed, and I work from 9:30am-8:30pm tomorrow. Ahahahaha. Ha. No. ^_^;;;;

I've been rushing around like a chicken with its head loosened substantially because, as soon as I got my (very nice) tax return and paid all the grubby hands that suddenly popped up, a thought came to me. This thought was, "I probably won't have this much money all at once again for a long, long time". Only much less coherent, you understand.

Turns out, there was a deal with Delta in which I could trade all my skymiles for a $200 round-trip ticket to Narita, Japan. No, I didn't miss a zero, I said two hundred dollars!!! *suppressing the desire to add more exclamation points* Ever since, I've been trying to wrangle enough vacation time to take advantage of this offer, in time to take this offer. And, two days before the deadline, I made it! I can not express to you how incredibly excited I am-- I'm staying 55 minutes outside of Tokyo, for six days, visiting friends and just making plans to generally have fun and practice the language. I'd almost resigned myself to not being able to afford going back without a job or college related tuition exchange... I can scarcely believe my luck.

The long and short of it is, I have been reading your journals and I should have been better about replying. *bangs head* I need to stop sleeping through my three days off, is what it is.

(Amber-- I want to see a picture of your new dress, and now that you have a passport you can TOTALLY COME WITH ME, and I thought I was the only one who saw Forsaken slash! *deep breath*)
(Leigh- I sent you a pm. I have mixed feelings about the new Star Trek movie, but for you I would go see it in a heart beat!)
(Neb- You are a really angelic, supportive sweetheart, you know that, right?)
(wickedwonder1, ivylore, and madisonpassion- thank you so much for responding to my description of That Sort of Person. I'm sorry I didn't respond personally, but please know that-- when things got ragged-- I would go back to your replies and feel comforted. ^__^)

Incidentally, this trip is timed so that I will be back in time offer moral support when Leslie has her baby (and possibly, you know, offer her a meat-cleaver to use on Josh). However, it will also give me a break from the intense, syrupy bonding they're going through as excited expectant parents. I don't begrudge them a moment of it, but... yeah. *smiles* And I've left Joshua with a long list of instructions and Things Not To Do While I'm Gone. ^_~

I hope to post once more before I leave. *hugs to pieces*
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