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Oh, let's play the fandom-land denial game! ;_;

It's 9:12 pm here in Ohio-land. I just finished having pizza with my nieces.

What am I not doing? I'm not watching Torchwood, despite the fact there's two more episodes left in the Children of Earth series. I won't spoil it for anyone in the US, though any British fans probably know what I'm talking about. I remained unspoiled, and almost walked into a land-mine. I have a lovely, well spoken fellow fan to thank for the heads-up. Go here to read her beautifully-wrought argument: Tanarian's CoE Comments. Seriously, I'm glad I read that-- first, it voices my feelings more eloquently than I ever could and, secondly, I'm just not going to finish the series. If the whole thing weren't so damn predictable, I might actually have it in me to be disappointed.

I'm such a raving Jack/Ianto fan, but I can't help it. *cuddles Ianto* Poor woobie.

As it is... *shows off her pointer fingers, and promptly sticks them in her ears* Lalala, if I didn't see it, it didn't happen, lalalala...

And they took away my Toshiko! *waves wildly at icon*

*off to find some Janto fic*
Tags: jack/ianto, julian-verse, slash, the-4400, torchwood

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