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Still Scribbling...

My poor dinosaur of a scanner hates me right now, but I managed to wrangle it into scanning two full color pictures I finished last week. And, of course, now I'm going to inflict them on you poor gentlefolk. ^_~

The first is Harry Potter fanart, inspired by the wacky places me 'shipper brain went during the midnight showing of HBP.
All the Ways You Devastate Me
(Yes, from "The Tension and the Terror" by Straylight Run. ^^)

This picture lept to mind instantly when I watched Harry and Luna going to Slughorn's "Christmas Do" as friends. We know Lily was part of the 'Slug Club' and it made me wonder, how darling would it have been for her to go 'as friends' with Severus, each secretly nervous, embarrassed, and recklessly hopeful. So yeah, this would be AU, but it would be a fun one. There's a story behind this picture too, I'm sure, of Lily agonizing over formal witch's wear, and Severus sweating because his Hogwart's robes are the nicest things he owns. I imagine they'd both be ridicously wound up about the whole thing-- their relationship is already rocky because of House rivalry and That Word, but each wants to make the other proud when they're seen together. I'm not sure what it is about this pairing that entrances me so... it seems to really illustrate how the past can be warped and changed by bias. The remaining Marauders had this vision of Lily they gave to Harry, and there was Severus all along, keeping his own counsel. *shivers, grins*

The second bit is more from the slashy 4400 AU Amber and I enjoy indulging ourselves in. A little while back, we were talking about how our sympathies shifted towards the end of the series. It became more and more clear that, while Sean and the 4400 Center were willing to compromise, there were parts of the government that weren't willing to tolerate their mere presence on the planet. So, I started thinking about Jed (who can split into two [or more?]), Marco (who can teleport anywhere), and our Julian (who, we decided, can summon objects, in a spin-off of her brother's gift). And I came up with: Now Entering Promise City. Way, way too much fun drawing this, though I'm not as happy with Julian's outfit as I could be-- I wanted it to look like a sixties tunic-dress, but it doesn't look like it worked. But! Garrity is an AWOL government agent with forbidden powers and he's still wearing his tie. Marco and Julian are not letting this go. ^_~ Ever.

I'm still trying to wrestle Carol into cooperating. Silly, flighty muse. I have a 4400 fic, plus I want to write more "Certain for the Dead" (I think it will make me feel better about Torchwood... *sniffles into Ianto's suit coat*). And then, she comes to me with a Torchwood fix it for that hideous, sadistic trainwreck *cough* COE that won't sit still long enough for me to sort it out. *grabs for muse, who flitters off laughing to look for chocolate*

*rolls eyes*
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