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Zombies, Homicide, and White Collar Crime

You know, I thought I couldn't possibly dislike a Law & Order ADA as much as I disliked the utterly forgettable model-wannabe from SVU's last season. But, of course, because I said that out loud, the universe took it upon itself to step up the game. I loath, despise and revile Sonia Baxter (?*)-- she was obnoxious, unprofessional, constantly confrontational, full of talk but with no real skills to back up or mitigate the way she talked down to everyone around her. In other words, she was the fictional embodiment of the nightmare woman in the workplace... a hell cat on wheels. I can't express how glad I am to see the back of her. SVU has always been a show that provides skilled, poised women (Benson, Novak, Werner, Emmes) acting naturally in their chosen field, so I don't know how we ended up with that caricature but, as long as she stays gone, I don't care.

(*I think it's Baxter. Something that starts with a 'b', anyway-- like that other word that rhymes with 'witch'. ^_~)

Can Alex come back now? Or, better yet, Casey? If Casey came back I'd... I'd... I'd write Casey-centric f/f to celebrate! That's what I would do. *nods to self*

In happier news, there's already been a lot more Munch this season, which makes me a happy girl. My mom and I always watch SVU on the phone together, so she gets hardily sick of my squealing when he comes on screen, but I can't help it. He's like the cranky, paranoid uncle I never had!

And, finally, does anyone else think that new White Collar show looks like its bending over begging for a slash following? Seriously, just the commercials set my slash-meter on red alert, and they barely tell you anything. Tell me I'm not the only one seeing this, please?

who is utterly relieved to be speaking 'fandom' again, and not worrying about her workplace.

Ps. Amber! Amber! Did you see Zombieland? Absolutely. Totally. Utterly. Fabulous. Twinkies!
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