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Thank You, Lady Eve

I have never experienced a deep, true feeling of political fear until now. I thought I had-- Homeland Security is a shudder-worthy concept even on the most brightly lit of days, and I certainly wasn't pleased with the last election-- but no. What I felt today pales comparison, a moment when every fictional sci-fi dictatorship I've ever read about suddenly loomed large in the threshold.

This is what scares me: The Global Climate Treaty.

Now, if you go down towards the end of the article, you can read an excerpt from the actual text of the treaty which, measure for measure, feeds and illuminates the animated sense of urgency Lord Mockton so obviously feels*. I am an ardent constitutionalist. Our Constitution is one of the most beautiful, important documents in the history of the world, possibly the rosetta stone of all modern political writing. We have a President who has expressed numerous times his frustrations with the "constraints" the Constitution places on him. (Not that he's the first. *cough*dubyah*coughcough*) Now he has the opportunity to take place in the construction of a framework that will override the document that has granted us this nation, with all it's plenty and it's problems.

I took a class in college on the Book of Job. The question at the center of an entire semester's debate was: 'Why, if we have a compassionate God, do people suffer?' The answer was: "Because we have free will." The world was perfect until Eve took the apple in hand and chose (was in part cooerced) to disobey-- from her hand come all our choices, good and bad.

Wouldn't you rather face the possibility of suffering as a free being, than experience total protection from harm in the bonds of servitude?

*(That is not to say that Mockton himself does not have a hidden agenda. It's politics-- everyone has an agenda. Ususally sinister. Good times.)
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