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05 January 2010 @ 05:34 pm
The End of My Patience (or, My Thoughts on DW "The End of Time")  
Someone needs to explain to me why I never meet a cute, spirited girl like Rose when I'm standing out in the snow feeling sorry for myself on New Year's Eve.

... Wait, that's not what this post is about. Sorry, I'm trying to distract myself from the agony. Oh, the pain burns. It really does.

I'm going to complain about "The End of Time" now. But, first, I'll cut for spoilers!

I haven't been a faithful follower of Doctor Who since the end of Season Two. I couldn't get attached to Martha and, though I liked Donna the magic just seemed to go out of the whole thing, especially after "The Last of the Time Lords" and "The Sound of Drums". Mind you, I enjoyed those episodes, but it's hard to make any kind of impressive play after you do something on that scale. I did tune in for Rose's return in "The Stolen Earth"-- because I ship Doctor/Rose like a squeeling twelve year old girl, I do. Can't help it. But RTD kept grand-standing and it just wasn't working for me. I was lukewarm on the ending he gave the Doctor and Rose; in fact, I still can't make up my mind as to how I feel about it.

But I can damn well tell you my feelings about Torchwood's "Children of Earth". And they really aren't appropriate for a public forum. *curses violently in Chinese* I hated COE. I turned it off in the middle, and I'm sure you can guess just when my little finger hit the POWER button. I won't buy TW merchandise, I refuse to watch the fourth season if they actually get around to producing it. (And part of me hopes they don't.) After the condescending remarks RTD made about his fans, I felt so disgusted I lost all inspiration. I felt robbed that they shafted Jack/Ianto the way they did. I know it's an emotional reaction, but I get emotionally attached to my characters. Hell, I cry at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Every. Damn. Time.

Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me. Because I love the 10th Doctor so much, I did tune in for "The End of Time". I was also starting to get a little writing itch for Torchwood-- like I could write a COE fix-it (legal requirement for Janto fans, you understand), or maybe even finish up "Certain for the Dead".

Lemme tell you, the only redeeming part of that arch was Wilf. I will always have a soft spot for old soldiers. I wanted to hug the man, and Tennant's acting during the "knocking" scene was great. The Master being a product of Time Lord manipulation was a wonderful stroke, but it wasn't played out like it should have been. Also, I get this feeling RTD hates the human race, since he takes such pleasure in raping the entire species at the end of every season. Really.

And we saw Rose. God, that ending dragged out something awful, but I was happy to see her... how kind and free she was even before she met Nine and went for the ride of her life. And it pleased me that the Doctor went to her last. It pleased my shipper heart-- she's been his touchstone since he lost his people. When I saw him stumbling towards the TARDIS, I was hoping the Master would come from offscreen and help him up. Dunno why, and I don't know I would explain it in cannon, but it would have brought some nice closure that the Doctor's never-ending goodbyes could not provide. (Yes, I 'ship Doctor/Rose and slash Doctor/Master. What? There's no law against it. ^_~)


THAT SCENE AT THE BAR. Lord, the pain. It burns us, it does! First off, what the hell was Jack doing in Mos Eisley? Okay, so I know it wasn't the Star Wars cantina, but it sure looked like a poor knock-off. And, after all the Doctor and Jack have been though, all he can offer Jack is a quick lay? WITH SOMEONE ELSE? I could actually stomach comfort sex for Jack if it was the Doctor.* Of all the people who could understand what Jack is going through with the loss of Ianto (and Steven), the Doctor could. It wouldn't be a betrayal of the partners they loved, it would be an affirmation of life for both of them, and a statement that their friendship (filled with resentment and heartache though it is) is something that they need. Something lasting, as they both are lasting.

Instead, we get fucking Alonso, not a single bit of dialogue between the Doctor and Jack, and some truly pathetic flirting on Jack's part. Not a mention of Ianto. No consequences. NO. FUCKING. CANNON.

I need some RetCon for my soda, please.

*looks despairingly at her COE fix-it fic... all two and a half pages of it*

Goddamn it, RDT. This is why we can't have nice things.


Ps. Oh, look, he broke the TARDIS too. Bastard.

ETA: That is not to say I want the Doctor and Jack to have sex. Ever, really, but especially now, when Jack probably hates the Doctor for being 'elsewhere' during COE. I'm only offering an alternative if RTD absolutely, positively had some Jack!sex he needed to get out of his system. But really, what he wanted to do was spit in fan's faces about Ianto.

EATA: *sighs* Just when I was feeling a little itch to write again, I started trolling the TW comms. Big mistake. Is there anything more disheartening than fans who mock other fans by making 'girly' OTPer posts delibertately filled with netspeak and spelling errors? Yes, I know love never lasts in real life-- thank you very much, I've known that for years. It's not a crime to enjoy a 'forever' pairing for escapism. It's a sick, cruel, shitty world out there.
So back the hell off from my dreams.
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Megs: Doctor/Rose: Gigglingdqbunny on January 16th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
Well ... all things considered, RTD actually didn't break the TARDIS. Steven Moffat did. Apparently the last thing RTD wrote was Ten saying "I don't want to go," then flinging his arms out for the regeneration to begin. Then the script was passed over to Moffat and everything he wrote with Eleven in that episode was him. Apparently Moffat wants to overhaul everything.

*misses Rose terribly*

I first saw New Who with Martha and I liked her at the time. The first story I saw with Rose was a repeat of "School Reunion," which did NOT show her best side. Then I finally sat down with the Nine episodes and fell in love with the character. Now I find I really don't care for Martha all that much at all.

As for CoE ... yeah, my finger hit the power button at the end of episode 4 and I haven't finished the series. I could cheerfully do a rewrite starting at the end of ... episode 3 perhaps. Because episodes 1 and 2 contain some awesome like the look Ianto gives Jack as he ascends the elevator shaft that last time in the Hub, then Ianto rescuing Jack's encased body with the forklift.
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: rosegarnettrees on January 17th, 2010 04:27 am (UTC)
Apparently the last thing RTD wrote was Ten saying "I don't want to go," then flinging his arms out for the regeneration to begin. Then the script was passed over to Moffat and everything he wrote with Eleven in that episode was him.
Ah, shows you what I don't know. ^^; I guess I'm so traumatized by RTD that I automatically assume he's the one breaking things. He has a history. ^_~

I figured a TARDIS rehaul was in the works-- they tend to do that between Doctors sometimes. Still, I liked the one we had... it had a nice "organic tech" feel.

Rose is just amazing. She's such a lively character and she compliments the Doctor so well. I've seen Doctor Who on and off over the years, and he was one of those characters I used to find utterly immune to 'pairing'... it took Rose to change my mind. You're right-- "School Reunion" is not a great episode for Rose but, for the most part, both of her series showcase how close she and the Doctor are. I love how they play off each other and run holding hands. So I am totally with you, on that score. Martha... I'm very lukewarm on her.

Because episodes 1 and 2 contain some awesome
Oh, no arguement there. I adored Ianto's "Knight on Shining Forklift" routine, and the fact he found a new coat for Jack. The look in the hub slayed me, along with that harsh, desperate goodbye kiss. But I can't watch any of it without remembering how it ends. I'm a shameless Jack/Ianto kinda girl. *gets more retcon*

So cool to have a fandom in common with you again! It's been ages!
Megs: Doctor: Time Lord solution #82dqbunny on January 17th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
I know, it's pretty awesome!!

Martha... I'm very lukewarm on her.

I think the main reason I did like Martha at first was that I was shown the series by a woman who HATED Rose. Ironically, she's the same person who first exposed me to Janto. So she never had a good thing to say about Rose and I saw the Doctor pining for her in series 3 alongside Martha's crush on him. Then, right before series 4 aired, I got caught up on series 1 and 2 and just bawled during "Doomsday." How much of series 4 did you wind up seeing other than the end? Because "Partners in Crime" had this awesome Rose moment that just made everyone's jaw drop.

CoE finally made me a huge Jack/Ianto fan, and I've been so itching to write retcon for it as well. Heck, I just want to retcon the ending of CoE and 10.2 in one fell swoop. The other story I've been kicking about in my head is a scenario of Martha and Mickey getting together (another RTD WTF moment) that happens while Rose is getting back to the Doctor. I do have a crossover between DW and J.D. Robb's "In Death" series somewhat written where Ten and Donna wind up in 2060 New York during a series of murders that all involve a man who resembles the Ninth Doctor. Rose also appears from Pete's World and thinks it's Ten who has been murdered and the Doctor and Rose are reunited and everything is good with the world. Really need to work more on that ...