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Tiger, Tiger

*grins* I wanted to post this while it was still close enough to New Years to appreciate. I actually finished it on the 4th, but my dinosaur of a scanner didn't feel like cooperating. I finally wrestled it into submission. ^_~ Thus, I present little Xiao Yin ("Cause of Dawn") and her tiger, Baitora (chinese "bai" for white; japanese "tora" for tiger. okay-- sometimes I'm a literalist ^_~). 2010 is the year of the tiger and, even though I'm not very good at animals, I had this picture of a young girl in yellow and green robes leaning against a tiger. I finally decided to go with a white Bengal tiger. All things considered, it turned out pretty good, though the stripes were a pain to get right. I'm very pleased with Xiao Yin's relaxed, trusting position, too. In the botton right corner is my sorry version of the kanji for 'tiger'. Prismacolor and copic markers on drawing paper, with cold fountain ick for the outlines. I'm not usually big on yellow and green, but it's a combination that's growing on me.

Besides, I had to post *something*-- I can't even scrounge up a '2009 Fic Post'! The only thing I wrote and posted was We Were the More Deceived 2/? [The 4400]. On my desk top, I have three word documents entitled 'sumeragi.cwk', 'pleiades.cwk', and 'wintermoon.cwk'.
Sumeragi.cwk is the four-and-a-half page start of a Tokyo Babylon/X fic (Subaru/Seishirou-- how dark get you get, for the love of all that's holy?) set in post 1999 Tokyo.
Pleiades.cwk is a two page start to a Doctor/Rose fic I've been picking away at with little success since 2006. Even though Doctor/Rose is probably my favorite het pairing, I just can't seem to get it to move.
"Wintermoon.cwk" was my COE fix-it (Jack/Ianto and absolutely unrepentant, ladies and gents). As of last Tuesday, I was able to expand it to ten pages-- now a prologue and first chapter, though it still needs a clean up by my beta, an actual title and, oh, yeah, courage on the part of yours truly to post it. Though, of course, deep down I *am* a shameless writing whore, so I'm sure it will end up here eventually.

All in all, I wasn't very productive in 2009. *eyes Carol, who tries to look oblivious* Yeesh.

Speaking of Torchwood, though-- Save Ianto Jones is having a little shin-dig today, in which the idea is to email the BBC with comments/suggestions in regards to season four. (Namely... saving Ianto Jones! Funny, that.) I did mine. After all, as long a shot as it seems, it never hurts to make your fanbase heard. Look what happened with Daniel Jackson!
Though, with our luck, they'll bring our coffeeboy back for a Ianto/Jack/Alonso triangle. *gags* @_@;;

'Night everyone!
off to finish watching Star Trek IV, otherwise known as Kirk and Spock Save The Whales. The cuteness is frightening, but still somehow endearing. Love my classic OTP. ^_^
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