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In this case, P.C. stands for 'Poor Characterization'

Oh, SVU, why do you beat me when I usually love you so?

Thank you, so much, for the horrible flaming wreckage of the latest 9 o'clock episode. Thank you for using every worthless, excruciating trope in an episode about lesbians that was-- at best-- a truly grotesque parade of stereotypes. At worst, it seems like a deliberate perpetuation of said, complete with Olivia's over-acted 'passing' for a dyke and the 'loud-mouthed' gay female activitist who ends up kissing a man at the very end.

Oh, it hurt to watch that. It makes me want to scream, to know why someone would intentionally write such hateful, blithering crap.

Stick to your hookers, your law-firm homicides, and your bizarre domestics disbutes. Something you know, you actually know about.

*throws hands up in digust*
Tags: gay-rights, politics, svu, yes-meredith-is-a-dyke

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