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Laws Passed By Persons Who Slept Through American Government 101...

They passed the Health Care Bill (tm). I'm aghast at the stupidity, but hardly surprised. This was coming down the pike whether people liked it or not.

For the record, it would be wonderful if everyone had access to reasonable healthcare-- if there was a way to dismantle the lumbering, blindingly stupid bureaucracy that robs people blind and holds the quality of life hostage. However, just as the months preceeding the CARD Act saw massive hikes in interest rates and a curb of credit as companies rushed to "protect" themselves from the coming consequences, I think we're going to see an ugly ripple effect for this legislation as well. And, you can take it from someone living in the intenstines of the credit beast: the CARD act is distressingly invasive of privacy, and disregards some pretty basic tenants of free will. I actually had to sign something at work saying I would not talk about the coming legislation while we were training for it. Now that the CARD Act is law, I am free of my silent obligation.

This bill? If it contains anything like the sly, hidden stipulations of the CARD Act, we're royally screwed.

For the record, I'm neither a conservative nor a liberal. I'm a Libertarian-- the government needs to get the hell out of my life, my bedroom, and off my body. *shakes head*

I wish I could articulate what I've feeling without spewing rhetoric, or sounding as if I'm some compassionless wretch who is happy to withhold people's access to medical care. I openly admit it-- sometimes it feels like I work just to have company-sponsored health care.
But I don't want the government involved in this. That way lies madness.

Though I suppose it's scarcely a point for discussion anyway, now.
*points to icon* Ah, for the day the invent "hard" frappacinos. ^_^
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