Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees) wrote,
Meredith Bronwen Mallory

Eh. *spreads empty hands*

Yeah. For anyone whose wondering about In Amnion this week... *shakes head* I actually did write something last night, but it's off at the betas, and Ayashi always has crazy weekends, so I have a feeling we're gonna have to give this one a skip. I'm really disappointed, 'cause I was so pleased with the roll I was on, but it's been an absolutely horrendous week. Between work (getting turned down for a supervisor position not because I don't have the skills, but because I don't play the right social and political games) and family (five-way party line arguement with relatives on Tuesday evening-- fun! *grits teeth*). Incidentally, Tuesday is usually my writing night-- it's like they know.

I'm more than a little incoherent right now, especially considering the fact I'm gonna have to hop back into the fray tomorrow for the start of my fun 4x10 work week. I wish I worked for a top-secret extra-government agency that hunted aliens, 'cause then it wouldn't matter that my boss thinks I'm "intelligent, polite and competent, but too socially akward for a management roll." Also, my twenty one year-old cousin does not need a concealed carry permit. I don't care if he passed the certification test and paid for his gun, no twenty one year-old male civilian needs to go around packing. This is Ohio, not a combat zone. I am a firm believer in the right to bear arms, but this is sheer lunacy.

To the Judge who signed his permit: Thank you for your massive failure. Were you somehow unable to perceive that he is not mentally or emotionally prepared for the responsibilty that comes with the firearm? This is now officially making every familial dispute ten times worse.

Sorry for all the bitching. I just... I have to keep it together for everyone else around here-- help keep the peace so this doesn't descend into category of 'bloody massacre'.

*assumes a Zen pose* It's all in the breathing, right? Right.

Your regularly scheduled fanfiction will return next week, same bat time, same bat channel. Cross my heart. I hope to keep you guys interested!

In the mean time, please help yourself to same Jack and/or Ianto shaped cookies. *patented Harkness leer*
Tags: nameless-co, personal, why-am-i-related-to-these-people

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