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We're Sorry, Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed...

There should be some sort of universal mandate stating that, once you reach a certain age, you mother simply should no longer have the ability to make you cry.

*sigh* I should have reached that age at least a decade ago.

Family issues are not settling down around here-- they're getting worse. This morning, I turned off my cell and took the landline off the hook, just so I wouldn't have to take any more calls from nosy relatives eager to tell me what 'they' would do in my situation. As if they'd put up with this situation at all, if it actually happened to them. Gun-toting little cousin is going to get himself arrested if he's not more careful. I have no money to post bail if this should happen, and no real desire to do so for a young man who had the nerve to point the (supposedly) unloaded firearm at me and call me an 'emasculating c**t'.

My brother is actually egging this attitude problem on further. My mother says I am 'overreacting' and 'with-holding affection'.

... They sent said little cousin ('little' only in the sense that he is younger than I am-- he turned twenty-one in January) down here from RI because he was causing so much trouble. Now he's doing the same thing down here, except I'm somehow magically supposed to be responsible for him.

I don't really know what to do to solve this, in the long term. In the short term, I know he was out irresponsibly late last night and will probably sleep until this evening. Therefore, I will go upstairs to watch my new copy of MST3K's The Blood Waters of Doctor Z, and try to take my mind off things by laughing. This is by no means a solution, but it is a pressure valve, and I need one. Huzzah for new Mystery Science Theater dvd releases!

*hugs* Sorry to dump this here. I appreciate the willing 'ear' (or 'eye'! ^_~).
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