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The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

My brother and I sat my cousin down this morning and explained to him, very clearly, that in order to continue living here, he needs to start seeing a counselor again, and go back on his meds. He stopped taking them last year, supposedly to prove he 'wasn't dependant' in preparation for joining the military. As he hasn't joined up yet, and his temper suffers greatly while he's off the stuff, I think it's reasonable to ask him to start taking it again.

Cousin was not happy. Even though my brother did most of the talking, my cousin addressed all his anger towards me, and asked my brother if he enjoyed being 'cuckholded by his own sister'. Some of the other things he said were downright filthy, but I stepped in and said he wasn't required to like me, but he is required to keep a civil tongue. He's insistant the he'll be moving out soon (is that a threat? ^_^;;) because he doesn't like either stipulation of staying but, as he doesn't have a job right now, he's going to have to comply until he gets the funds together. Either way will be a huge weight off my shoulders. He has an approintment for next week-- remarkably early, if only by virtue of the fact the doctor works at the same practice my niece goes to and had an opening. I was worried we'd have to wait longer, but I'm glad I checked there first before looking further afield.

In other news, cousin also got kicked out of the County Flower Show today. No wait, it makes sense in a minute. Cousin is dating this girl who has a scary right-wing conservative father-- a cop who, incidentally, has been enabling a lot of my cousin's machismo and gun issues. Said cop is apparently supporting an equally scary conservative independant in the upcoming election, and asked my cousin and his girlfriend to go to the flower show and collect signatures. Anyone with a lick of sense should know that a private event like that won't put up with solicitation, even if you paid to get in. I actually heard about this from a neighbor before my cousin even got back home. *mortified and irritated with suburbia all at once*

Yeah. And now the phone is ringing. How much you wanna bet that's my cousin's mother, calling to fuss at me for picking on her baby?

ETA: Yup, that was my aunt. Damn, I'm good. Apparently, I am a "man-hating lesbian" taking out my frustrations on her son and "an evil Jew" who shall surely repent of her ways when Auntie and Cousin are taken up in the end-times rapture like the good Christians they are. ...
... Do I honestly have to share genetic material with these people? Seriously?
Tags: personal, religion, very-jewish-thanks, why-am-i-related-to-these-people, yes-meredith-is-a-dyke

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