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"Mr. Sulu, Warp Factor One."

I'm so glad I took advantage of time off they were offering at work. I only took half a day-- I really can't afford to lose a whole ten hours-- but it still made a huge difference. Especially being able to lay down when the storms starting pounding a migraine into my skull around five pm. Not to mention an empty house for three hours, which was extremely refreshing. I love my brother and my nieces, but sometimes it's nice to have a little piece. Cousin was out most of the day canvasing for signatures, something he's at least getting paid for. I really, really wish he'd start looking more aggressively for a job before the college population starts putting in applications. ^^;;

I wanted to thank you guys for being so patient and understanding with me. Just being able to talk things out helps. I'm better able to articulate myself when I face various relatives because of your kind words and generous empathy. Thank you.

I also feel terrible that I haven't posted more of In Amnion lately. I'm still working on it, I promise. It's just that Chapter 12 is looking me in the face with one lonely page to its name, and it's getting a bit daunting. I want it to be good. Getting a little preformance anxiety, perhaps, in addition to the lack of peace around here. ^_~

I did finish a piece of fanart-- actually colored and inked it back in March, but getting anything scanned involves a massive assult on my dinosaur scanner. It's actually fanart for a particular fic, As the Morning Shows the Day. Now, I'm a huge, HUGE Star Trek fan. Hard-core TOS, Kirk/Spock all the way. I really, really didn't like the new movie, for reasons too numerous to go into. But, As the Morning Shows the Day is a Nu!Trek fic. I'm serious-- it is so good that even I like it. I can't help it. It's also a kidfic, which isn't usually my cup of tea. However the author-- Jade_Dragoness-- is obviously familiar with TOS, and draws uses that characterization to shade in the sketches provided by the movie. The plot is character driven, with excellent reasoning behind the 'fountain of youth' syndrome, and an even better reasoning for the events that follow. Her mini-Spock is too adorable for words, her Jim is playful but fiercely devoted to his crew. She even does a great job with adding a nu!Rand. She made me like her version, which is more than I can say for the original Rand. The goal is K/S, but the journey there is about friendship and understanding. So, here's my little fanart contribution, which I'm placing as a link for those of you who might not want to be spoiled: Even Vulcan Children Are Exhausting. I'm particularly pleased with Spock's hair, and Jim's posture, not to mention the random items in his cabin. ^_^

And, because I can't pimp NuTrek without paying homage to my belovedly campy TOS, here are some Original Series Star Trek recs. They're all K/S. Oh, come on, they practically invented slash. ^_~

Til It Be Morrow by Ray Newton and Fiona James-- a pon farr fic, but not one that revolves around Amok Time. A great exploration of the trepidation both Kirk and Spock feel approaching their first pon farr after bonding. There's great cultural context for Vulcans in general, and some interesting action-oriented plot. Definitely adults only, if ya know what I mean. ^_~

Straight on 'til Morning by drarroway-- I actually recommend absolutely everything by drarroway. She has some brilliant episode tags (especially for Naked Time and Enemy Within), and her Spock is passionate but completely believable. She had his speech patterns down perfectly, not to mention the playful thrust-and-parry he has with Kirk. This fic is one of my favorites, though. It's an AU after the close of the series, ment to take place instead of The Motion Picture. She has a great ability to build new worlds and write visually. It's an angsty but tender exploration of why Spock would have gone to Gol, and an alternate take on the consequences.

Debt of Honor by Brianna Falken-- another AU, but one that brings our beloved crew together by different roads. You can see the Kirk and Spock from our universe reflected here, simply from another angle. It begins with some very violence and non-con, but the context makes sense, as does the eventual resolution. The warrior past of Vulcan is closer to the surface here, especially as the action opens-- Earth and Vulcan are at war, actually. Trust me, it's a long and satisfying read. I don't want to spoil anything!

I'm gonna stop yammering now. I have a full ten hours tomorrow, and we're having a sale. Joy. ^_~
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