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The Masters Dilemma-- Now, Play At Home! ^_~

Poll #1568687 The Masters Dilemma

Meredith is currently considering going back to college to get her Masters. Completing the degree would qualify her for more positions as an educator than she currently has access to. Clearly, Meredith...

has lost all control of her already questionable faculties.
is laboring under some sort of delusion that she is even halfway up to such a task.
is using pharmaceuticals in an unauthorized recreational manner.
hasn't failed enough at her job and is thus seeking out a situation through which she can further damage her own ego.
has finally been driven all the way to the bughouse her her renegade Little Cousin.
is, at last, making a decision that will foster her abilities and improve her resume.
apparently missed the current abysmal economic situation, unaware that another over-priced piece of paper is not going to help.
making a positive change in her life.
going back to an environment more suited to her, as opposed to the cut-throat business world where skill and work ethic gain nothing.
looking to get into even more debt. Whee!
Tags: masters: am i crazy?, nameless-co, personal

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