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Property of the U.S of A.

In a few minutes, the girls will be home from school and I'll start herding everyone into getting dressed for our portrait appointment. (After three days, we've agreed on a color scheme-- my brother and LC in black, girls and I in variations of burgundy.) This was actually my brother's idea; he wanted a family portrait before LC leaves for Boot Camp. LC promptly coughed to hide any emotions, and the girls got sniffly.

LC's mother was down here for the party this weekend, but I was actually working during said party, so we didn't talk. LC did, however, spend the majority of Sunday's early morning darkness drunkenly confiding in me that he's always felt as though she tried to control him, and the he's always needed to buck against those attempts.

... this is really going to happen, isn't it? Sam and I will drive him up to Columbus on Monday, and then he'll be property of the U.S. Government. He'll be in the army. A soldier.

*deep breath* I am not having issues about this. I'm ignoring even the implication of the possibility that I might be having issues with this.

... And that's the bus backing up outside.

Thank you for listening.
Tags: personal, us-army, why-am-i-related-to-these-people

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