Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees) wrote,
Meredith Bronwen Mallory

My Friends, the Earth, and Other Universal Wonders

Dang, talk about being totally incommunicado. ^_^;;; I think I may actually have ceased to exist for a few days in early November. (I wish I was joking. *winces*)

I apologize for not being around much this month. A truly harrowing combination of events has kept me in the belly of the RL monster. First, getting used to having LC out of the house-- which may be less stress in terms of not having someone setting off boat flares on my lawn, but compensates with the stress of hearing from him only through mail, and the family unit readjusting itself. Then, conferences and holiday choir activities for the girls, a week long headache for me, and extended band practice for my brother. To top it all off, I was offered a spot in an craft show held at boutique in a high-end area of nearby Cincinatti. The catch was that a certain number of completed pieces and prints were required, all subjects to be approved by a pannel of judges, so cut to yours truly running around like a paint-brush welding chicken with its head cut off. X_x;; The show covers two weekends-- I made it through last Saturday with some revenue, which leaves me with another 45 minute drive for the show this Saturday. I considering the whole thing a marginal success... at least I'm getting my work out there, and four people have thought its worth spending money on. That's-- rewarding, to understate the point.

All of this means I haven't been around on LJ much and, while I've been watching a lot of Torchwood and DW while I work, I haven't gotten anything very constructive added to "In Amnion" for a few weeks. I have six pages, but they need polishing and additions. I promise, promise the story isn't dead (if anyone actually remembers the damn thing)... it's my next goal after Saturday. If I'm still, you know, copos mentis.

At any rate, the above is just an update-- not really the point of the post. So here is the conveniently labled


Happy Thanksgiving, to all my friends. If you celebrate, I wish you a wonderful day filled with delicious food, good times, and as many/few relatives as your temprament desires.** If you don't, I still wish you a happy, stress-free day.

My heart also goes out to the victims and evacuees from Incheon. Thoughts and prayers may not have physical weight, but I think South Korea could use all the positive karma it can get. Every Thanksgiving, I think of Madeleine L'Engel's Swiftly Tilting Planet. It's probably a strange association, but that book had a profound affect on me when I first picked it up in fifth grade. It's a scary planet we live on, but I'm glad its still here.

So here's a toast. *raises glass* To the wacky, off-kilter third rock from the sun.


Ps. I can't thank you guys enough for all the kind wishes regarding my job interview earlier this month. I didn't get the job, but your support and encouragement helped me give my all during the interview. *hugs tightly* You guys are the best.

*Yes, I will stop playing with the text. Maybe.
**My brother and I plan on calling my mother around 11 am, and then we are taking the phone off the hook. Black Friday is breathing down my neck, so no calls for Meredith, thank you very much. ^_~
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