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*toasts her f-list* Merry Christmas!

The girls are setting up The Santa Clause on the DVD player in the other room, my brother is rooting in the 'fridge for the fixings of a Naked Girl Scout (a mixed drink) and, if LC keeps demonstrating eight count push-ups he may just break the house.... all in all, a pretty good Christmas Eve.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful, brilliant Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate, I hope December 25th is just an awesome day for you. I love you guys, really I do. You make me laugh, keep me from taking myself to seriously, and you give me a place where I feel welcome.

*toasts* To the unparalleled Leigh-darling, to my fellow zombie-fighter Amber, and my darling wife Neb. To the amazingly clever Captanne, not to mention the supportive and generous badly_knitted. To my long-time fic comrades, the gals of our virtual Four-Oh-Double-Natural: witty Bea, blazingly brilliant Ra, the incomparable Raven, dangerously awesome Zixi, linguistically blessed Jimaine and the eternally compassionate Dougs. To the always inspiring Leia_N, and kindhearted Aeryn. To DQBunny, Antigone, Ropa, and Suzume-- friends who go so far back they know where all the bodies are buried. ^_~

To everyone, basically. Because you rock so hard trained scientists still can't measure it.
Tags: happy-holidays, holiday, us-army

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