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".... it's a magical land, filled with puppies and kitties and a unicorn with a harp."

I blame my niece for getting me to watch Glee; BtVS aside, I've never been one for shows set during high school and, while the musical numbers are nice, I can't quite get into most of the characters.

However, I blame Chris Colfer for making Kurt Hummel the most adorable thing in the universe since... since.. puppies dressed up in cat suits! (*Wash voice* "And a unicorn with a harp!")

It's probably my own sick, dark-hearted mind that enjoys Kurt/Karofsky. Can't really assign blame there. ^^;; (Ah, hello there, Fandom Hell. I hadn't had a whiff of your brimstone for quite sometime.)

All of this is a long-winded way of wondering if anyone else on my f-list is as wonky as I am. After all, if I happened to have broken my three-month long writer's block by starting a Karofsky piece I absolutely have not started writing a fic, and am therefore in no need of a beta. ^____^;
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, firefly, kurtofsky, slash

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