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Happy (belated) Birthday, Leigh!

Because Meredith sucks so much she's become her own blackhole is a flake who lets projects get away from her, her birthday present for the absolutely fabulous, marvelous and just plain awesome gamesiplay is late this year. ^^; Sumimasen! (It's so rude!) Forgive me, darling. ^_^

Not much, but I was finally able to finish a drawing for you: The Most Important Rule. You'll have to scroll down to get the full effect-- I was going for a bookmark-style image, but got a little carried away and ended up scanning it in too large. Of all the versions of Leigh I've drawn, this is probably the best. Your hair was actually fun to draw, though don't ask me why I drew you in Starbuck's flight-suit while referencing BoB. My brain is a crazy fandom blender? Maybe.

Like I said, I know it's not much, but I hope it makes you smile. *hugs tightly* Late or no, I wish you many many happy returns.


Ps. Guess who's watching The Pacific? Go on, guess! ^_~
Tags: art-post, band-of-brothers, battlestar, the-pacific

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