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Damn it, foiled again.

I'm kicking myself now because I got up early on one of my off days, got dressed, went into work to attend an awards ceremony I'd been invited to... only to discover it was half an hour earlier. Actually, it was over by the time I got there, which tells me it couldn't have been that all-fired important. I didn't really want to go in the first place. I was just going to show up because my Director keeps telling me I'm "completely unsuited for promotion", yet I keep winning these awards. (One for my Customer Service, and two-- counting today's-- for corporate projects.)

That'll teach me to ignore hubris and stop trying to make a point. *sigh*

If I'd just double checked the time... *shakes head* I cannot get stressed. I have an interview on Friday for another department, with a manager I *know* is going to be hostile.

I'm such a schmuck sometimes.
Tags: nameless-co, shit-rolls-down-hill

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