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The Sky is Falling...

Haven't posted in a coon's age (which is how long, exactly?), but I just figured out that Amber and I are both watching Falling Skies (god save us from the second season... @_@;;). It has been way, way too long since we've had a show in common OMG FLAIL!! ^_~


I have such a love hate relationship with season two because, for the most part, it kind is seems to be meandering off in several directions (often at the same time) but, at the same time we have seen some of the other characters develop. Ben, for example, despite his propensity for trouble, has endeared himself to me more. Maggie is strong and amazing as fuck, whether or not they have her doing an OOC sexy!babysitter! thing. I go back and forth on Ben and his interspecies angst. I thought it would have been more interesting if the resistance leader Skitter had been the 'mother' of the clutch of harnessed kids Ben belonged to. (Remember, way back in season one, when we saw the skitters bedding down with the kids, almost nesting and seeming to care for them?) Instead, we get all this, 'he just contacted me' nonsense. Maybe they're saving that revelation for later. A girl has to dream.

TOM MASON. Tom Mason, you deserve more caps than I can afford because you need to smack Hal, and then smack yourself. Stop shooting randomly, trapping your loved ones with space!buggies, and then deliberately shooting the scary-tall hostage.

Is it just me, or does Weaver seem to have a little one-sided thing for Ann?
(I may need my head examined...)

Also, they keep killing off the interesting characters... Rick, Jamal, Ben's patrol friend...

Finally, Sheppard must be lurking in the woods, feeding space!buggies and encouraging them to gather 'round... really goofy Atlantis reference FTW ^_^

In closing, I've actually written something. FINALLY. My writer's block was actually cracked by the X-Men: First Class Kink Meme.
(Yeah, I know, I need another fandom and angsty boy-pairing like I need space!buggies munching on my insides. It's not my fault! Erik is an angry Jewish boy and I love him! Charles is adorable and needs to be kept on a high shelf! How am I supposed to resist?)
Anyway, surprisingly enough, the story that sprang from the kink meme is... kinky. We're talking NC-17 dub-con seduction top!Charles dark!Charles mind-control AU with the kitchen sink thrown in. And I still couldn't escape from the plot. So... I'm kind of embarrassed to post it here, even under f-lock.

*nervous twiddling of thumbs*
Tags: aliens, atlantis, falling-skies, fanfiction, first-class, marvel-verse, scifi, slash, x-men

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