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31 December 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Out Goes the Dragon, In Comes The Snake  
So, here we are in the last handful of hours for 2012. Wow. I wish I had something pithy or witty-- or, barring that, at least humorous-- to say. There have been periods of this year that have dragged, endlessly yellow, but on the whole it seems to have moved frighteningly fast.

I'm told it all becomes sort of a blur after a while. ^_~

Lots of changes in 2012, both for myself and my friends. Changes in living situations, changes in job and career, breakings and beginnings in love. I'm very, very grateful for my new job in 2012, my continued sobriety, the fact I'm writing again, and the fact I have so many awesome friends. I guess my wish for 2013 would be the healing (if not forgiveness) of the people I've hurt, protection for my loved ones, and good fortune for my entirely deserving friends.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy New Year!)

Bring it on, Year of the Snake. ^_^

Emotional Temperature: optimisticoptimistic
The Band Plays:: "The Bedroom Hymns"-- by Florence and the Machine
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory: darla_dru3garnettrees on January 2nd, 2013 02:24 am (UTC)
Happy New Year! I wish you all the best!
kittenmommy: Ginnykittenmommy on January 2nd, 2013 01:33 am (UTC)

Happy New Year! :D
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: katiegarnettrees on January 2nd, 2013 02:24 am (UTC)
I hope you have a wonderful new year!
kittenmommy: Ginnykittenmommy on January 2nd, 2013 02:27 am (UTC)

Thanks - you too! :D
badly_knitted: Ianto Little Smilebadly_knitted on January 2nd, 2013 07:12 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year! *hugs*

I hope 2013 will be kind to you, fulfilling your hopes and dreams!
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: badgirlsgarnettrees on January 15th, 2013 04:14 am (UTC)
Thank you! *hugs* It's always wonderful to hear from you!
Opheliaopheliafic on January 4th, 2013 03:57 am (UTC)
Happy New Year to you. May 2013 be amazing to you.
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: magicgarnettrees on January 15th, 2013 04:13 am (UTC)
Thank you, my dear! I wish the same to you!