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[fic] Love Like Winter 4/? (Fantasy AU, Charles/Erik, Mature)

Title: Love Like Winter 4/?
by Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees)
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: X-Men, all associated characters and imagery are all property of Marvel Comics. I make no money by writing this, and intend no disrespect.
Trigger Warnings: Captivity, dub-con, obsession, depictions of battle (mostly with fantasy elements), unauthorized medical procedures (non-graphic)
Additional Warnings: author's questionable world building
Summary: "Once, when all the world was green and young, there lived two very different little boys..."
Now these boys have grown, thrust onto a political battlefield filled with long-held grudges and secret motives. Charles has spent the majority of his adult life studying and teaching the finer points of spell casting.
Erik... Erik fights for what is his.

Trigger Warnings For This Chapter: Here there be dragons! (Actually, that's the one thing that's _not_ in here. ^_~) Magickal dub con, though nothing of the sexual variety yet. Again, Erik is very handsy. Involuntary medical procedures, institutionalized abuse, abuse of authority and mistreatment of children. The Elves are a bunch of hypocrites, and Shaw is a sadist. I promise the latter is dead, though. Dark, gratuitous fluff (don't know how else to describe it) and emo p0rn.

[ Love Like Winter 4/? @ AO3 ]

Tags: charles/erik, fanfiction, first-class, love-like-winter, slash

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