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Hannibal 1x01: "What Not To Say In the Men's Room"

As Amber pointed out, we're partying more like '04 than '03-- still, I basically remember the entire surrounding 24 months as one long, awesome ride through M*A*S*H and BoB fandom. Though I believe the word is overused, ours was definitely deserving of the term EPIC.

I am already having a ridiculously good time-- I read Amber's thoughts this morning, am typing up my own reaction (from my atrocious, excited handwriting), and then I'm going to zoom over the Leigh's journal. I also bought a huge pack of 24 ink water-color pencils to celebrate, and for some reason I am drawing Mischa Lecter, so maybe I will share that.
Regardless, it will not be as awesome as Amber's post-its. Go check it out!

This first time I watched this, I was sure I was going to be turned off once the episode was over, because my reaction to Will in the first few minutes was distress and discomfort. Of course, that wasn't Will at all-- as I quickly found out-- that was a conduit. Hugh Dancy is so talented that his voice and body language change. His tone is very rhythmic and monotone, shoulders held with threatening strength… then, as he walks though the murder and little pieces of Will poke out, we see the quiet desperation and OH MY G-D YOU POOR LITTLE THING.


Anyway, the first time I saw the swingy-gold thing, I interpreted it as the arc of an astrolabe, the movable curve of metal on a globe or solar system model. Turns out, it's supposed to be a pendulum. X_x;;;

-As Amber said, Will is ruthless at pointing out the unpleasant truths of life to the FBI newbies, but hey-- they'd better get used to it now. They're gonna have a LOT to put up with.

-On the other hand, one should not have to put up with workplace sexual harassment, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, JACK CRAWFORD. I'm not being flip about this. Maybe, _maybe_ Jack was trying to come off as fatherly but, if someone had done that to me (and I do wear glasses), I would have felt VERY threatened and impinged upon.
… and they would not have gotten their fingers back. But that's beside the point.
(I wouldn't eat them. Don't judge me. ^_~)

-In spite of Will's kind of distressing dismissal of the Shrike's victims as actual individuals, there's something very telling about the metaphor he gives Jack.
"I would hide how special she [the 'golden ticket'] is. Wouldn't you?"

Some things are too precious to be shared. With anyone. Will has probably learned that the hard way, but I imagine its a lesson he only needed once. (So please stop accepting unknown breakfasts from imposing gentlemen with nondescript European accents!)

-Will says Mr. Nichols can hold the cat if it helps. Will's thoughts are: "Animals = better than people= much better than being comforted by people, especially me".

-Jack always touches Will like he thinks he's gentling a wild horse. Knock it off, Jack!
*Ziva voice* Red light!

-And he's not gonna take advantage at all, no sir. He's totally gonna make sure he's got Will covered 80% of the time. Fuck you, Jack-- just go out and buy a damn handlebar mustache so you can twirl it threateningly and say, "My intentions are honorable…. heh heh heh."

But back to more important things, like Will and HIS PUPPIES. He doesn't like people, but when he sees a strange dog on the side of the road, he's all "OH HAI LET'S BE BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER."

-The new dog's name is Winston. Please believe me when I tell you that I have put a lot of thought into whether or not Will would have named all his dogs in the theme of prominent WW2 heroes. (Franklin! McArthur! Patton! Truman! ect!)
I eventually decided no, but still.

-Will shivering under the towels he lays out on his bed just ties me up in knots… because I've been that sick (and detoxing) and you can never get warm. You can sit under the shower with you knees up to your chest and the handle so far over to 'hot' that the entire room is opaque with steam and _still_ shiver like you're in the bowels of winter. The cold comes from inside.


-Fun fact! Will 'likes the smell of urinal cakes'. X_x;; Cute, Will, and also pretty high up there on the List of Things Not To Say IN the Men's Room.
(Also: "My g-d, is it supposed to bend that way?"
"Seriously, was the mohel drunk?"
"I find the best refuse here!")

-Another fun fact: Jimmy Price has accumulated tons of useless trivia about creepy predatory birds! He will be on Jeopard shortly. ("A group of crows." // "That would be, 'What is a murder?', Alex.")
… sorry, couldn't resist.

-Hannibal cuts his meat the way a sculptor cuts clay. Seriously, I keep waiting for him to score it properly, or wet it with a sponge. I'm warning you now, I spend way, _way_ too much time analyzing Hannibal-as-an-artist. To me, it's one of his more intriguing "cultured" aspects, because it can't possibly fulfill the function it does for most artists. Hannibal doesn't want to express himself-- he's too tightly controlled. So what does he draw? What does it mean?

Whatever it is, I am NOT sharing my watercolor pencils with him, BECAUSE HE IS MEAN. Will, however, is most welcome to come over. We will draw puppies and kitties and a beautiful rainbow, DAMN IT.

-"I hate being this neurotic."
Poor Franklin. He doesn't get a lot of sympathy in fandom, and things only get worse from here. ;-[
Hannibal, the whole human race is neurotic. You, on the other hand, are a spectacular abnormality because you are either so sane it's driven you crazy, so crazy it's driven you sane, or BOTH.

-When Jack says Hannibal's monograph was 'interesting', he means he didn't understand about 67% of it. (Yes, I know I'm mean to Jack. This will not change.) You cannot tell me Hannibal wasn't at least toying with the idea of killing Crawford, if only for a moment.

AND Jack is rude. Do you paw things in museums, mister? You don't know what kind of lead or charcoal Hannibal was using so DON'T TOUCH THE DAMN DRAWINGS, OKAY!? (This may be a pet peeve of mine. ^^;)

-If Hannibal isn't absolutely fascinated by Will from word 'go', then he is definitely hooked by the time Will calls Freddie Lound's yellow journalism 'tasteless'.

WILL: "You won't like me when I'm psychoanalyzed."
… Actually, Will, I think it turns Lecter on. o____O

By the time Will calls the copy-cat murders 'petulant', the entire fandom is basically; "Let the mating dance begin!" G-d help us all.
(I am not casting aspersions. I've written Hannibal/Will slash. I am well on my way to Fandom Hell BINGO.)

-Hannibal is like a vampire because he keeps asking Will to LET HIM IN. Don't do it, Will! Don't! … ah, damn it.

-And Dr. Lecter is practically salivating, because Will knew _instantly_ that the copycat and the Shrike are two different people. "What gave it away?" he asks, enthused. Then, he makes Will laugh-- it's a rusty, helpless sound, like Will isn't used to doing it.

THEN he tells Will to finish his breakfast, which would sound patronizing if it weren't also in the EXACT TONE MARRIED COUPLES USE. Stop it, boys! I am incoherent for the rest of the episode, aside from wringing my hands and controlling my breathing while poor Abigail is attacked.

-That last scene? There's nothing better than waking up in a hospital after being attacked by your cannibalistic serial killer dad, only to find that your hand is being comfortingly held by yet another cannibalistic serial killer.
*dryly* I'm all uplifted now.

And Will? Will is giving both Hannibal and Abigail the speculative 'how many more puppies can I fit in my house' look.


Here end-th any ability to articulate. Thank you.

Be sure to check out both Leigh and Amber's reactions, which are much more entertaining than mine.

Tags: fandom, hannibal, hannibal/will, horror, rewatch '13, slash

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