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Hannibal 1x02: "I Can't Say You're Growing On Me"

Okay…. late tot the party this time, but better late than never! ^___^

Leigh and Amber both already brilliantly covered the title of this week's episode, "Amuse-Bouche". Amber also observed that they don't look very tasty. I would just like to add that, not only will all dishes served at this hypothetical rewatch party be vegetarian, they will also be free of culinary pretense. So, let the caffeine, chocolate-chip cookie-dough ice-cream and Twizzlers flow!
(I don't even like Twizzlers-- but can you imagine Hannibal ever _eating_ a Twizzler? I can't even picture him saying it, let alone despoiling the sanctity of his mouth with such a thing! ^_~)

Do you get the feeling I like to thumb my nose at Hannibal? As long as I am out of biting range. Oh! Here's a good question. If I'm Jewish, does that mean eating me is or is not kosher? Questions, questions. ;-)

RECAP: Blah, blah, everything we saw in Episode One, Will is the puppy-person to defeat all puppy-persons (I think he's a long-lost cousin of Marco Pacella. Also, Hannibal-- how come your brown sport-coat and sweater vest ensemble coordinates perfectly with the interior of the Welding HR Trailer? Do you get prophetic visions of how you should dress in the morning? Heaven forbid you go somewhere where the decor has the nerve to clash with whatever it is you're wearing.

[+] Will is shooting-- rather wildly and intensely-- in his nightmares. I don't care if it's all in your head, Will, POLICE YOUR BRASS!!!

In all seriousness, as Leigh points out, one of the most disturbing factors-- at least early on-- is that Will's dreams don't deviate too far from reality. Yes, there are one or two things off (giant stag, anyone?), but there aren't any talking tea-cups, or flower-clocks growing out of the walls. As his nightmares get more surreal, the sad truth is that they only echo the horrible things he's seen in waking life. Jack is, wittingly or not, dragging him out where only the big fishies swim.

And those are the fishies that bite.

[+] Will wakes to Jack saying, far too cheerfully, "We're here!"

What, in hell?

[ext Hobb's cabin]

Eh, close enough.

[+] Personally, I find the antler room creepy from a simple visual standpoint, more than anything else. My Uncle had a few mounted deer's heads when I was growing up, and they are one of the few purely physical things that inspire terror in me. (Another being: clowns. Thank you, Stephen King.)

[+] Jack thinks Hobbs might have had an accomplice. Ie, "Someone who is in a coma, who hunted with him."

Really, Jack? I hope you we're going for subtlety. Poor Abigail-- the two people behaving with the most earnest sympathy for her are Will (because he feels it) and yet another crazy cannibal serial killer (because, say what you will, Hannibal is _good_ at faking it). She's been dealt a shit hand, and she's not even conscious yet.

Also, Will would like to point out that you can make gelatin out of human bones.
You mean like this Will, huh, huh, huh? Amber was totally there before you, darling.
Incidentally, if Hannibal had a flowery and/or bunny rabbit jelly mould, I would be so amused I might never speak again.

[+] Amber has observed the distressing fact that Freddie Lounds is _naked_ as she's posting grisly crime-scene photos to her blog. I wish this fact had come to my attention on its own, but no-- I was too busy wondering how her hair stays that tightly curled when it's wet. ^^;

[+] Will enters the classroom to the sound of applause. Even more than his verbal protests, I love how Dancy's body language becomes still more pinched and awkward. I can't think of an elegant way to phrase it-- it's like watching someone try to be turtle and porcupine at the same time. X-x;;


[+] Alana has come to (rather uselessly) warn Will that Jack wants him back in the field. And apparently, what Jack wants is ALLLLL that matters.
(And his beauty sleep, oh, I'm sorry, I'm not impressed.)

[+] JACK: "Hannibal is a better fit."
Ahahaha, there are so many horrible, funny, and horrifically funny ways to interpret this sentence. First of all, Hannibal's number one priority right now is to eliminate the professional distance between himself and Special Agent Graham forthwith. You can see him physically eating up the space as he circles Will, later.
See this picture? This picture is a ten thousand word essay on the Hannibal/Will relationship. The only person who knows more about poison dripping in the ear is the Ghost in Hamlet. *rimshot*

[+] WILL: "Therapy doesn't work on me."
*raises hand* Me neither!
… oh, I'm sorry, we _weren't_ taking an informal poll. My mistake. ^^;;;;

[+] Hannibal declares Will "totally functional and more or less sane". Leigh phrases this so much better than I do-- Hannibal is INDEED eager to get to work altering that. You can practically see him pushing up his sleeves.

[+] WILL: "Did you just rubber stamp me?"
Yes, Will, and this is where you should start getting REALLY nervous. Forget the fact it's Hannibal Lecter for a moment-- just focus on the act itself. Nothing is free, especially not little moments between working professionals where someone deliberately 'unsees' something. It's not a gift. At best, the price will be emotional obligation; at worst, it will be Hannibal's old quid pro quo.
And on an absolute-cold-war-destruction-level, William, it could be your sanity. Or, you know, what's left of it.

Yes, I realize I sound reeeeaaally paranoid here, but I would never let anyone at work do something like this for me unless I knew/could prove something about them that was ten times worse.
(Okay, so I'm a horrible, paranoid person. *thumbs up* Character flaws, baby.)

[+] Speaking of obligation, Hannibal asks Will if he feels any obligation towards Abigail. Will, bless his puppy-soul, spikes the question right back at him. (This is one thing I do love about their dynamic-- even though Will is playing two dimensional chess while Hannibal has borrowed Star Trek's 3-D set-- Will never, ever afraid to attempt to pin Hannibal in return. Does he succeed? Pretty much never. But he tries, which is more than anyone else does. ^_^)

At any rate, Hannibal replies that he feels, "… a staggering amount of obligation…"
… to screw things up further! Wheee!

Will wants to know if this is therapy or a support group. See above picture re Hannibal whispering dark, corrosive sweet nothing's in poor Will's ear.

As Leigh pointed out, we get to the case pretty late in this episode-- the procedural structure is there, but it acts as a frame while the characters play out the story. It's a refreshing twist on most 'cop shows', where the reoccurring cast acts as a frame for the procedural storyline.

[+] [exterior shot with a group of would-be nature scouts coming across an oddly irregular patch of growth]
BOYS: It's marijuana!
No, dears, it's a bunch of fungus-riddled human bodies, some of which may or may not be still experiencing automatic functions. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO DRUGS.

… I can't think of a single damn thing in health class that would be more effective. ^_~ Their moms could keep dragging this out for years!
"Billy, do you know what happens to boys who don't clean their rooms?"
"Joey, do you know what happens to boys who have unprotected sex?"
"Timmy, do you know what happens to boys who DON'T WASH THEIR HANDS!?"

[+] HI BEVERLY, HI! See my new Hannibal icon? It's perfect. It doesn't even _need_ a caption but, if it had one, it would be "beverly katz does not except your bull shit answer GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN!"

[+] A woman correcting a man's firing stance? I believe I can die happy now. <3 <3 <3

[+] See, a warning about body horror (especially in this episode), in entirely justified. What is Meredith doing? Admiring the emerald-and-peridot dappling and golden lining of forest leaves in the pale sunlight, and the pearl-shell colors of the mushrooms. It's not my fault! Sometimes this show makes horrible things look TOO DAMN PRETTY. (See Amber's comment re basically all food prepared by Hannibal).

[+] We see the pendulum swing again. Leigh is completely right-- both based on the books, and on the verbatim script for the first episode (which I cannot find again!). I, however, am a big silly who didn't realize this until three episodes in, and even then only when fandom pointed it out to me. O-o;

One of the scariest things about this whole show is Hugh Dancy's face when Will 'trances out'. It's not just the fact he takes on another personality. It's the fact that, for a moment in between, it looks like ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS HOME. *shudder*

[+] Oh, look, Freddie's bitten off more then she can chew. An alternate title for this episode could be, "Freddie Lounds' Close Brush With Death". If you are trying to make me feel bad for hoping she gets eaten, show, I'm not impressed.

Clearly, Hannibal isn't impressed either. When she claims she's 'embarrassed', he gives her this look like; "Really? Is it amateur night at the Sociopath Lounge?"

[+] HANNIBAL: Come, sit by me.

Nooooooooooo! Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!

[+] Jack, not only is Hannibal giving you a disgusted look for openly mentioning your mother to a psychiatrist, he is also making note of the fact you TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL. For shame.

I have nothing to say about the pony metaphor. I leave you, simply, with this exchange from M*A*S*H:

MARGARET: Must you ride him?
HAWKEYE: I'll get off soon, I only paid for an hour.
-"Dear Peggy"

[+] And, so, the SWAT team descends upon a sleepy little suburban grocery because apparently there's a spill in isle five late night pharmacists are even more creepy than previously thought.

[+] Again from a serious angle: Jack makes Beverly read a salacious article about her coworker in front of said coworker and all of THEIR coworkers. At what point, Special Agent Crawford, will you start exhibiting some simple retail-management skills? You are like every single badly-acted HR training video example ROLLED INTO ONE. Hannibal really doesn't have to work that hard at making Will feel alienated-- you've done more than half the work for him!

[+] Exit Will, pursued by a stag. No, the stag isn't frightening. But it is BIG, and well-constructed in terms of graphics, and it looks like it would be fun to ride.
(Also, every possible relentlessly kinky Will/Stag fic that's ever crossed your mind in the darkest reaches of the night? Already written. THIS FANDOM.)

[+] Alana, Will has completely noticed you to have never been alone in a room together, you lose.

[+] WILL: (to Hannibal) "You're supposed to be my paddle."
… NO, Will. Just NO.

[+] HANNIBAL: "Killing must feel good to G-d, too. He does it all the time. And are we not created in his image?"
The Church should make all applicants to the priesthood talk to Hannibal for an hour before they take their vows.

And, so we don't end on a depressing note, I leave you with this:

Bela Lugosi and Hannibal Lecter:
Father and Son? Think About It, Won't You. ^____^

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