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Hannibal 1x03: "Home Is Where You Know They Might Not Let You Leave"

Running a bit behind on this one, too… I was all set to sit down and watch this as soon as I got home from work yesterday, but we had a long, intensely annoying meeting (a "working lunch") and I ate something that disagreed with me, so I ended up curled in a ball on my bed for most of the night.*

The good news, however, was that the meeting did yield something aside from indigestion.** I spent most of the time doodling in the back of my notebook. (The meeting was on interest rates, okay? Nothing to do with me. Most money launderers do not leave funds in any account long enough to accrue interest. Their goal is to get the money from point A to point B, usually via point L, Q, or Z.) Last time, Leigh-darling made a hilarious observation about Jack's 'Command Voice':
Jack uses The Voice on the other pharmacist: "HIS CAR!" He only breaks out The Voice in emergency situations. USE THE LADIES ROOM! BRING ME THE FINEST MUFFINS AND BAGELS IN ALL THE LAND!

I, of course, promptly threatened to draw this. So, may I present: Jack Crawford Uses THE VOICE, a short one-page comic by MBM. ^_^ I'm a little unhappy with Hannibal's expression (it's supposed to be that little 'moue' of distaste he makes), but for something that only took about forty-five minutes, it's not half bad. Dedicated, of course, to the brilliant gamesiplay.

Also, see my awesome icon? minttown1 made it for me, because she is crazy awesome. LIKE A BOSS.

*my arrogant, inept and generally annoying manager should know better than to think he can get rid of me with poison alone! ^_~
**insert appropriate "Hannibal ate someone who disagreed with him" joke here.

This episode is triggery in just about every aspect imaginable, but particularly from the childhood trauma aspect. Tread lightly-- I promise to try really hard not to over-share, or be too catty. ^^;

Hannibal 1x03: "and no one in their right mind would make my heart their home":

[+] Open on Garret Jacob Hobbs standing in the woods with Abigail, both appropriately dressed for hunting and, one assumes, 'father-daughter' bonding. *rolls eyes* Hobbs looks focused, but in such a way that makes one wonder how he managed to walk down the street like a normal person-- he looks like every serial killer cliche, or at least a total creeper. Abigail looks like she probably spent half of last night curled up in the closet behind her winter clothes, crying in anticipation of this little 'fun' outing.

[+] So, let's look at the pretty scenery instead! I really like the attention to color in this episode. I'm not always sure if its deliberate, but there are a lot of really beautiful tones and settings that make watching the parts of the show without body parts everywhere aesthetically pleasing. Here, it's a foggy morning filled to the brim with wintery blue, the haze like a fine sheen of water on the golden-rod-and-rust colored leaves. Complimentary colors! Meredith continues to focus on this, pausing only to appreciate the fact we have yet another female competently handling a gun.

[+] Back at the cabin, Abigail is upset, noting that deer are supposed to be "complex emotional creatures… the equivalent of a human four-year old."
Hobbs unhelpfully insists deer are smarter than four-year olds, and insists on referring to the carcass in present tense. Thanks, Dad! This has been a great trip so far! @_@

[+] Abigail wakes up in the hospital, still breathing hard from the nightmare and-- arguably-- thrust blinking and unprepared into another.

[+] In Wolf Trap, there is more beautiful autumn foliage, and a half-naked Will! Alana has pulled up in her super-sneaky hybrid, and but she wants Will to know that she is not impressed by the hard nubs on his nipples showing through the thin t-shirt, along with the outlines of… other… things.

WILL: "I feel compelled to go cover myself."
FANGIRLS: "Awwww… he's so adorable! Don't put yourself out on our account!"
ALANA: "It's alright, I have four brothers."

I bet you she's the baby, and all four of said brothers have successfully intimidated, subtly discouraged, or outright threatened every boy she's ever tried to date.

[+] Alana wants to have coffee. Meanwhile, I am less concerned about her stalking, and more concerned with the level of communications abuse Jack is raining down on Will. ITS CALLED VOICEMAIL, jerk-wad. USE IT.

[+] Will is eager to help/ be involved with Abigail because, he observes, "She doesn't have _anyone_ like me". Alana makes an insulting observation, but cleverly shifts the blame to Will by making him ask for it. Will loves his dogs, his dogs love Will. Allow the man one thin ray of hope and comfort in the otherwise black pit that is his life, 'mkay?
I know I'm unfair to Alana. I love the actress, but have a hard time with the character because… her personality just hits a sore spot with me. Someone who fancies herself sensitive and compassionate, but really only invests insofar as it flatters her personal vanity-- and she's not even really aware of it. I am probably bringing much more to the table than is actually on offer, but there you go.

[+] Cut back to "Port Haven", which looks like some Medieval cloister, where women are send to repent and meditate after shaming their families. There's vaguely-antique blue-china wallpaper inside… a vague air of genteel menace.

Abigail wants to know who buried her parents-- a legitimate, human concern. There's nothing worse than not having a body to bury, some place to mark and say "I did what I could for their memory."

Never mind that! Alana brought clothes! Abigail is about as impressed with this as I am, and lets out her teenage snark. Oh, to have that youthful vigor and zestful vitriol again! (As opposed to now, where I have vaguely-consistent vigor and well-mulled vitriol that has soaked somewhat into my soul. ^_~)

[+] Jack, meanwhile, has absolutely no sympathy. We're supposed to appreciate this, for some reason.

----- WARNING: RANT -----

You can just assume this whole paragraph is in caps, okay? Feel free to skip it entirely. I guarantee I over-share.

FUCK YOU, JACK. Okay? You're as stone-faced as a jury with a hanging on its mind, and about as reasonable. You can't get Hobbs, so you'll burn his daughter in effigy. If Abigail is getting ready to go off to college she's… seventeen at the youngest, early nineteen at the oldest? Everyone-- Alana, Jack, Freddie, even Hannibal-- acts as though this girl sprung fully formed from her father's forehead, garbed in the regalia of his madness. SHE GREW UP WITH THIS ASSHOLE. Are you comprehending the meaning of my words? She spent YEARS being exposed to all manner and form of his creeping evil, spent years like a plant trying to grow in bad soil. Trees take all types of warped shapes as they do everything in their power to reach the sun. SHE DID NOT CHOOSE THIS MAN. They are tied by an accident of biology, by conventions of normalcy. It would have been easier for her if he were a pure villain (or, like my dad, utterly disinterested and only vaguely abusive). But he made some effort or pretense towards loving her, and inspired a sense of obligation and love from her in return. You can love someone and be completely petrified of them. She spent years in that house with him, learning to read all his moods and ticks, consulting her own internal weathervane for what was safe and what wasn't. So don't you sit there, Jack, and act as if she signed up for this in blood on the dotted line. And don't you 'console', Alana, with your faux-understanding and professional compassion. Whatever Abigail did or did not do, she survived. Still breathing. And every day she wakes up is one big FUCK YOU to her father, and its a FUCK YOU to all of you, on a stick.

----- END RANT -----

… I may feel kind of strongly about some of these triggers. Hmm.

[+] Let's talk about something else! Let's talk about Will and his creepy lecture on the Copy Cat Killer! Hannibal comes in about a third of the way through, just in time to hear Will say that this murderer took the MO and "arguably, elevate[d] it to art".

Will. Will. Darling, angel, sugarbee--- just NO, okay? No, no, no.

The look on Hannibal's face is priceless. Like a pleased cat and a proud peacock all in one. Not overtly, of course, but he radiates the smug satisfaction of a man who has been, or is convinced he is about to be, spectacularly laid. It's like the serial-killer equivalent of a dozen roses.

Hannibal was intrigued before. Now he's fucking smitten. THIS IS A BAD THING, ladies and gentlemen. You know Anna Karenina? That's exactly how this ends: like a g-ddamned train wreck.

(Gee, I swear a lot in these recaps. ^^;)

[+] Freddie, of course, has slithered her way into Abigail's hospital room. Blah, blah, lots of unpleasant and unfortunately true things about perception. Really, Abigail shouldn't trust ANYONE, but its hard to get a handle on that when you're young. And if, occasionally, a somewhat-true observation comes of of Freddie's mouth… well… you know, ten million monkeys banging on ten million type-writers for ten million years will eventually produce Shakespeare, am I right? ^_~

[+] Check out Freddie's leopard-print fur-trimmed black gloves. Very retro intrepid!girl!reporter.

[+] And Abigail's dads Hannibal and Will are here. Both are chillingly, aggressively polite. They present a united front for the first time, though it won't be the last. Hannibal loves this! So many shiny buttons around, all for him to push at leisure!

Will and Hannibal take Abigail for a walk, as if she is a victorian maiden in need of a constitutional. Meredith is amused by the way Hannibal holds his folded coat. Also impressed with the moodiness of the glass cage garden. Very Hauntingly-Abandoned-English-Manor.

[+] I just want to point out that this is the most earnest and open we've seen Will so far. Not vulnerable, but open and engaged. He tells Abigail he believes her when she says her father was loving, and gets a defensive, somewhat tart response in return. But she's making eye contact now, even if he isn't. Hannibal promises that he and Will will help her with the nightmares. Already, he's reeling Will in with the lure-- the emotional investment in Abigail. She can be their daughter their project. They are now in collusion against Jack, and even against Alana (who, after all, wants them to keep their distance).

[+] Outside, Will reminds a still catty and manipulative Freddie that its "not a good idea to piss off someone who thinks about killing for a living". Freddie's face says, "Gotcha", and it is NOT a nice look.

[+] Cut to Jack's office, where our Clueless Leader is yelling at Will for talking, and Hannibal for letting Will talk.
"I trust Will to speak for himself," Hannibal says, playing Jack like a fiddle.
Obviously, Jack replies, "Clearly you shouldn't."

Jack: 0
Hannibal: 5,000.9999 repeating

And, apparently, I have so many issues with this episode that I'm gonna have to make this recap a two-parter. Hopefully part two can focus more on the weird character interactions, and less on the weird neurons firing in my brain. ^_^

See you tomorrow!

Tags: art-post, fanart, fandom, hannibal, hannibal/will, horror, mash, rewatch '13, slash

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