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Hannibal 1x03.5: "Insanity Runs In My Family. It Practically Gallops"

Okay-- obviously my definition of 'tomorrow' is incredibly loose, considering its actually two days later. X_x;; Oh well, time is relative, space is curved, we're all composed of vibrating strings and membranes… you know. *hand wave*

I have, however, accomplished something! In keeping with my theme of inappropriate comic reactions to Very Serious Subject Matter (remember BoB? ^^), I have yet another Hannibal comic! During her 'Potage' recap, minttown1 observed that Hannibal reacts to Will's Copy Cat lecture as if he were a little boy receiving his first glitter valentine. When I threatened to draw, she elaborated: "Haha, a big loopy picture with hearts and roses border and Hannibal holding a "I know you killed her" glitter valentine in the shape of an anatomically correct heart. ;D"

I AM BUT YOUR SERVANT. Kindergartener!Will gives Grade-School!Hannibal a Valentine. Yes, I'm sick. I take comfort in knowing the show itself is a _lot_ sicker, only with much less pink marker.
(*thor voice* You are an excellent muse, Amber! Speak to me of your Abigail comic, and I shall try to do it justice, if you like.)

And now, 'Potage' Part 2:

[+] When we last left our intrepid heroes poor Will and his Bad Angel, they were getting a mutual dressing down from Jack Crawford, as a result of having given Freddie Lounds more ammunition. (To be fair, I think she would have twisted anything Will said to her to make a sensational story… it's just that this time she didn't have to work so hard.) Hannibal neatly puts himself in Will's corner, makes Jack look like an ass, and arranges for a field trip back to Minnesota. The man is an operator.

[+]Back on the Hobbs homestead, the angry villagers have spray-painted the word CANNIBALS on the house and the garage. Abigail's face crumples for a moment, tears welling in her eyes. One of the things I love about this actress is how understated by powerful her emotions are. She doesn't go into hysterics at this final rape of her home and memories (though it would be perfectly understandable if she did). She walks as a girl in a dream, or as if she's suffering from such cold that she must carefully chose each movement.

[+] For a moment, she stands on the porch, looking at where her mother's 'outline' should be. (Could the writers make Ms. Hobbs into any MORE of a non-entity? Geeze.) "Goodbye, Mom." My heart hurts a little here, especially at Alana's reaction. My g-d, there will be no funeral, no memorial service… heck, they probably can't even release where the mom is buried for fear of the town's reaction…what else can Abigail do? Just stand where the shadow fell, is all.

[+] Inside, the Hobb's house has lots of creepy 70's wood paneling, and looks like the setting for every parents-on-vacation-teens-partying slasher movie. Abigail's life has been packed up into boxes, and the pictures have all been turned into mute white surfaces. So far, I can see this little field trip is having a GREAT therapeutic effect. *rolls eyes*
It's observed that they've brought Abigail home, so she can "leave home behind". Again, with the arrogant assumption that anyone can understand or advise her in this situation.

You can stand me up in front of G-d and the Book of Life, and I'll still tell you this: You _can_ leave home. You _can_ escape. But… you'll always carry a little piece inside of you.

… Ahem. Sorry. ^^

[+] Upon getting an unsatisfactory and overly technical answer from Alana about 'catching someone's crazy', Abigail decides it would be really awesome if they reenacted the evening. She tells Will to be her dad, Alana to be the mom, and Hannibal to be the voice on the phone.
Two interesting things here:
A) Aside from the fact it really _was_ Hannibal on the phone, and a part of Abigail probably knows that, the fact Abigail _doesn't_ pick him to play her father is very telling. He is the oldest, most poised and serious personality in the room-- a natural shoe fit. Yet she chooses Will-- I think it really _is_ a choice, and not just the fact he's the one left over. It goes back to that whole Oedipal "slay the old king so the younger can take his place"; the sacrificial g-d who is killed, reborn, and killed again.
B) Alana gets handed the role of 'mother' and (for better or worse, thanks to the writers) is rendered at best impotent, and at worse a non-entity. (Look how much 'effect' she has later one, when she's actually in the house during the murder and Hannibal incapacitates her.) I'm kind of pissed off by this show's dismissiveness of older female figures (I do not categorize Alana in this group-- she's the pretty, up-and-coming Love Interest).

…. or, you know, Meredith spent too much time taking comparative religion classes.

[+] Marissa Shaw (Shore?), Abigail's friend, is another, slightly darker version of Hobb's victim type. She's actually the most supportive anyone has been towards Abigail, for all their teenage bluster. She has a very aggressive fighting stance when Nick crashes the party.

[+] Meanwhile, Hannibal hides some useful DNA evidence, and manages to look as if he's out in the English countryside, about to go fox-hunting.

[+] Then we go back to Hobb's cabin. This is just the bestest tour EVER. I think I've seen that cabin before, too. Hmmm…

[+] Abigail observes that her father killed all of those girls in her place.
ALANA: "None of this is your fault."
Well y'all are sure-as-hell acting like it. Geeze.

[+] And, because Abigail hasn't been traumatized enough, she gets to walk into the whole blood-dripping-from-the-ceiling troupe and… bang, of course, it's Marissa.
(Really, Hannibal had to kill her. HEAVEN FORBID Abigail have a non-sociopath friend to turn to. @_@)

[+]This leaves Hannibal and Will alone in a dark room, with the corpse of one of Hannibal's victims. Hannibal thinks this is the BEST FIRST DATE EVAR.

[+] See Jack. See Jack whine. See Jack whine because another girl is dead and "you SAID, Will" that the Copy-Cat wouldn't do this again.
Stop being an ass, Agent Crawford. Will observed that the copy-cat was an intelligent psychopath, with no real MO, who "may never kill this way again". Don't act like a child.

[+] While Will examines the wound pattern, Hannibal moves closer into his personal space, so as to better satisfy this little exhibitionist kink he's got going. (And his blood kink. And his sadist kink, and his Will kink… Basically, Hannibal needs to have his own kinkmeme. Oh, wait, he does.)

[+] Anybody else find it really creepy that Hannibal physically interacts with Marissa's distressed mother, AND actually pats her on the back, as if in comfort? Cold bastard.

[+] On the other hand, it's funny to hear Hannibal's description of Nick Boyle-- "tall, ginger, unwashed". Your elitism is showing, Doctor.

[+] We're gonna risk the rest of Abigail's little murder-by-self-defense scene, because the pillows are STUFFED WITH HUMAN HAIR and I cannot even. No. No.

[+] The fact that Abigail climbs the wall and goes to Lecter's office is very, very brave. She's breathing like a frightened rabbit, trying desperately to read some emotion in Hannibal's face (unfortunately, there will never be anything there, just a clever facsimile). I want to scream and kick things when Hannibal helps her down off the ladder.

[+] Cut to Abigail's thoughtful, emotionally drained face. Cue credits, and teaser for next week's episode.

Oh, you know, as Leigh said-- they could just hold up a little white placard that says, "JUST WAIT, IT GETS WORSE."

*bangs head*

Tags: art-post, fanart, fandom, hannibal, hannibal/will, horror, humor, mash, rewatch '13, slash

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