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Hannibal 1x04: "And what did we learn from all this?"

First off, I am feeling _much_ better today-- believe me. ^_^ I'm sorry my entry last night was kind of hectic and emotionally overwrought. I promise I've calmed down now. Or, you know, whatever passes as 'calm' for me. (There are some people who'd argue with you on that one. ;D)

So, let's try this again!

(picking up from the scene with Alana and Abigail at Port Haven)

[+] Oh, hey, it's Jimmy Price! WE LOVE YOU JIMMY PRICE. At least, I do. He's such a snarky, _likable_ guy… I sometimes feel bad about all these strange people he gets mixed up with. ^^; While Team Science discusses possible motives for the murders, conversation spirals in towards their own individual family situations. Zeller makes a dig at Will, but Will gives back as good as he gets. Bev also works to deflect things a little for Will (she seems to sense that Zeller has the most open hostility towards Special Agent Graham). We learn she has a little sister, and Jimmy has a twin:
"Who wouldn't want two of me?"
Oh, Jimmy. <3

[+] Back to "therapy" with Doctor Lecter. *eye roll* He asks the Dreaded Psychiatry 101 Question:
Tell me about your mother.
And Will, fresh from cutting his teeth on Zeller, barely waits a beat before he returns fire, accusing Hannibal of going for low hanging fruit: "That's lazy psychiatry, Doctor Lecter."
I wonder if anyone else has _ever_ given a running critique during their session the way Will does-- or rather, if anyone who _did_ lived to tell the tale. (HOP FASTER, DAMN YOU! ^_~)

This is something that I miss in later episodes, though the transition is understandable. I love that, for all Hannibal's brilliant and subtle psychopathy, Will is definitely his equal in terms of intelligence. They are both skilled professionals (granted, in different areas) and, even while he's trying to dig his nails into poor Will's brain, there's a part of Hannibal that seems pleasantly surprised bemused when Will reminds him of this.

Also, as Amber pointed out, we're giving Hannibal a pass on the suit. Good color scheme, at least. *steals the pocket square*

[+] Jack, persons who are at least TRYING to pass for vaguely sane human beings do not say things like, "Deliver your wife to my dinner table." Did you sleep through that class at agent school, or something?

[+] My heart actively _aches_ during the wordless scene with Will and his dogs, enjoying the last of Wolf Trap's cool evening. All the same, the minute he opened the door I couldn't help caroling, "RELEASE THE HOUNDS". Then my dog wanted to go outside, 'cause that's normally what I say to him. ^_^

[+] Marvelous. Now Jack is undermining Will's authority in his own classroom. Marginalizing Will with put-downs and alienating him from his coworkers just wasn't _enough_ any more. As Leigh notes, he uses THE VOICE.
Damn it, Crawford, you're supposed to use your powers for good!

[+] WRITERS: "Well, we've added creepy connotations to seemingly innocuous things like throw pillows, reindeer, and beautifully prepared meals… what else can we defile?
Oh, yeah. CHRISTMAS!!! Now it's extra-special Christmas with Multiple Homicides!"

And a side order of crispy!child.

Thanks, guys. Fuck you, too. ^_~

[+] I don't know about the guy at the gas station, but if I saw a small boy significantly lacking emotional affect lose control of his bladder seemingly at random, I might be a little suspicious of the overly-effusive adult claiming to be his guardian. Maybe I'm a horrible person, or maybe my job just makes me suspicious as hell. There are bad people out there-- a whole hell of a lot of them. Sometimes, when I come back from a conference on combating Organized Retail Crime, all I want to do is bolt all the doors in my house and never come out again. A little awareness can go a long way in providing a tip that breaks a case, or alerting officers to a crime in progress. Be alert, is all I'm saying.
Of course, this _is_ Hannibal. The guy at the gas station probably cuts up fluffy animals and stitches them back together as bouquets in his free time. X_x;; (Seriously, by the end of this season, you WILL be convinced all of your neighbors are sociopaths.)

[+] Meanwhile, Hannibal takes Abigail back to his place for a slumber party cooking lesson. He's in shirt-sleeves and vest, showing off for her like a favored uncle, or cool older brother. It's agonizing to watch, for all the seeming boyish charm.

But wait, there's more! Having bad nightmares, Abigail? Emotional turmoil and guilt overwhelming you? Hannibal has the answer!

*after-school special voice* Friends don't let friends take hallucinogenic tea from their psychiatrists.

[+] Hannibal asks if Abigail trusts him. She takes the tea from him calmly, with a bit of a nervous smile, but she never actually answers him.

[+] HANNIBAL: "Trauma is an affliction of the powerless".
Doc, I *just* had to rain chaos down on Alana over this-- don't make me start again. *waves the one-fingered salute*

[+] Finally, more than two-thirds of the way through, the FBI realizes-- 'hey, women can be evil, too!'
(Don't get me started on the 'women shouldn't be in combat because it's against their nature' and the Domestic Angel crap.)

[+] Hey, look, Morpheus joined the FBI!.... Aw, hell, it's just Jack. ^_~

[+] Thank you, writers, for balancing out Molly Shannon's craziness (not to mention Alana) by having a truly badass woman storm in to save the day. GO BEV!

[+] Do you think Jack has a book he reads from, to "help" him interact with younger suspects/victims? Something like "101 Comfortless Observations You Can Make In Front of A Child"?

[+] Not only does Alana fail to notice that Abigail is _way_ too serene for someone who has supposedly only been given half a valium, but she _insults_ Hannibal. Mind you, she knows exactly how to hit below the belt, but damn. She's got to be one of the few people to do that and live.

*calm intervention voice* Dr. Bloom-- Alana, we've noticed you're engaging in a lot of risky behaviors lately, and we came to together to tell you it's time to stop. /voice (See if she likes a little dose of her own medicine.)

[+] Abigail may be as tranquil as the still pools of Galadriel's mirror, but the smile she gives when she sees her "family" is almost grotesque. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS GIRL.

[+] Cut to Jack, in bed with Gina Torres his wife. No, Crawford, Zoe is too awesome to have your babies anymore, and Wash is a better husband anyway.
Also, you're a loser and your sheets are plaid. Nighty night!

[+] Final scene of Will alone, curled up in his bed like someone desperately trying to conserve warmth. Or become small enough to disappear. His dogs sleep faithfully by the hearth, their breathing even and comforting, while our Hero tries to close his eyes.


Someone who is definitely not Hannibal needs to hug this man. Seriously, I will settle for one of those half-assed "good game" hugs where the other guy pats your butt. ANYTHING.

So… what did we learn today? Check it out:

Click Above to Enlarge!

Dedicated, as always, to Leigh and Amber. You ladies are AWESOME. <3

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