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Hannibal 1x7: Skeletons and Social-Climbers

It was honestly my intention to type this up last night but, when I got home, I decided to lay down for just a minute… and the next time I was cognizant was about 3:35AM. X_x;;
We have this Evil Creeping Crud going around at work; a vaguely flu-like sinus infection that comes with some fun Linda Blair-style puking. It's been slowly working its way down room towards my group of desks, and I am praying to any and all available power that I am not coming down with it. *crosses fingers* I've had a headache since I woke up this morning, though, and I've fallen asleep twice already today.

I know we're all kind of lagging on this one, anyway. Hopefully we can get synched back up for Monday. On the other hand, I was wondering if (with the holiday season and all associated nonsense breathing down our necks) if people wouldn't want to go to a once-a-week thing on Thursdays? Just a thought.

At any rate, I celebrated Samhain with a rousing episode of Hannibal-- we had some pretty torrential rain in the area, so trick-or-treating was postponed, leaving me with the archetypical Dark and Stormy Halloween Night.

You know what Dr Lecter does on Halloween? He turns off his porch light, turns up Brahms, and ignores the universe. And woe betide the fool who does ring his doorbell… 'cause he's All Souls Day Dinner. It's okay, Hannibal-- we weren't gonna invite you to our Demonic Tea Party anyway. ^_~

[+] previously, on Hannibal: Chilton is a self-congratulating bastard. Poor Franklin has been royally screwed over by the fates, and is seeing the psychiatrist _least_ likely to help him overcome whatever road-blocks he's facing. Hannibal is a lying liar who lies, but he has impeccable table manners. Alana considers Will her friend, but has an elaborate system of rules regarding their interactions, which she has not seen fit to share with him. -_-'' Abigail Hobbs is more self-aware and mature than %99.99999 of the adults responsible for her. Will is pretty when he hurts, but even the audience wants him to get a hug, now and again.

[+] Open on Will in a dimly lit classroom, lecturing to a group of horrified/fascinated/(turned on? X_X;;) FBI agents. He's explaining that the Ripper typically kills in 'sounders' of threes, using the terminology for a small group of pigs. Will speaks clearly, confidently and articulately (is he unconsciously taking on the Ripper's speech patterns?), explaining that these murders have "distinctive brutality".
[You know, it's my personal head-canon that Hannibal has hired some unfortunate and financially-pressed student to record every single one of Will's lectures for him. He listens to them before bed, and hums in satisfaction when Will gets all purple-prosey about the Ripper's murder methodologies.]

[+] Cut to some tonsils. Wow, I can honestly say I have never head any desire to get that close, even if said tonsils were to belong to someone with whom I was intimate. Some bodily functions are just… yeah. I respect and enjoy (some) opera, my favorite being Tristan and Isolde, but in all honesty this chick just looks really angry, and in serious need of a laxative. X_x

[+] Hannibal, however, looks almost moved. Sometimes I wonder if he's attracted to the very inhuman artifice of human perfection. Opera, drama, classical art; all of these things depend of an overly stylized and ornate set of symbols, dressing up basic human emotions like love, grief, and a desire for revenge. Will described the Cassie Boyle murder as 'field kabuki'. Does Hannibal enjoy that sort of theatricality because, in the end, it rings as hollow as he is?

On the other hand, when Hannibal gives you a standing ovation, at least you can sleep peacefully. Unless you somehow later slaughter La Traviata, you can safely assume you'll never be an entree.

[+] AHHH! It's a skeleton with a red dress painted on! … No, it's just one of those insufferable 'patrons of the arts'. Just save me from the rank entitlement in her shrill voice. *shudders* Now that's fucking scary.

[+] Said Creepy Lady wants Hannibal to throw another dinner party. He says he needs inspiration, and she retorts that it's a meal, not a unicorn. Like Voldemort, Hannibal probably doesn't recognize the difference. Unicorn only goes with white wines, though.*
*Fascinating and mostly unrelated note: a group of unicorns is called 'blessing'. Someone actually sat down and thought of that, which is only slightly less amazing than the thought that someone might see a unicorn, let alone a whole group. ^_^

[+] And poor Franklin can't just content himself with having a brief ride on the coat-tails of society's assholes 'elite'. Don't draw attention to yourself, my friend! These brilliantly feathered but utterly flightless (not to mention obsolete) birds will not let you dirty their perch. Even if you bring your friend Mr. Scary No Expression.

On the same note, the Creepy Lady took the same Exaggerated Femininity Classes as Freddie Lounds (though hers cost more @_@).

[+] See, this is the problem with my recapping-- I have only just now stopped babbling about the g-ddamned pre-credit sequence!

[+] Back in the world where people actually work for their living, Jack has a new crime scene. And he's kept it fresh. just for Will! Yay!
WILL: "Fresh? As a daisy?"
Be quiet, dear. Jack expects you to be grateful for these little considerations. *eyeroll*

At the source of said 'freshness', Team Science is waiting. Jimmy's professional opinion is that it's a dead body. Beverly thinks they should consider a female Ripper, 'cause this IS the 21st century, after all. I like these two-- Bev is feisty, and Jimmy is just a doll. Even better, I don't have to have complicated feelings about liking them, which is a nice little change for this show. ;-)

I do not, however, like Zeller. I want to, because I think he and Jimmy would make a good couple. But G-d, I think Zeller would insist this was a Ripper killing, if Will said 'no'. He'd argue vehemently that the sky is _not_ blue, if he overheard Will making a statement that it was.

… And Will closes the door in Zeller's face. "Nope, you're wrong, it's the Ripper." *slam* BOOYAH.

Is it okay for Jack to talk so openly about vigilantism? *checks handbook* Everyone is always so concerned about Will's state of mind… doesn't anyone else at the FBI ever get a Psyche Eval? Geeze.

[+] Franklin's therapy session is physically painful to me. Poor thing. I want to hand him a stack of 2x4's, a tin full of nails, and a hammer and tell him to erect some simple barriers before the world EATS HIM ALIVE. And we haven't even _gotten_ to his cannibal psychiatrist. So, yeah, I hit fast-froward for a lot of this.

On a very shallow note: Hannibal's print-on-print issues aside, I do really like that combination of brilliant sapphire and deep plum. This show caters to my shameless and lengthy love-affair with color. ^^

[+] Hey, look, it's Gillian Anderson! She makes for an oddly compelling blond, especially with the Lauren Baccal vibe she's got going on. She wraps that femme fatale poise in a shell of glittering ice-- even her _door_ is artistic but off-putting. I'd say she and Hannibal are playing the psychological equivalent of chess, but that's really not complex enough. It's more like some elaborate hybrid of chess, poker and mahjong.

You know why I have a soft spot for Franklin? He's one of the few people on this show who's honest about his motivations. FLEE NOW.

[+] Bedelia accuses Lecter of wearing a 'person suit', and I immediately flash back to Silence of the Lambs. ("It puts on the lotion, or it gets the hose again.") Thanks for a major case of the creeps, writers.

[+] Hannibal's doctor lectures him about keeping appropriate distance from patients. Kinda like talking to a wall.

I sort of got into it with a therapist about this, once. I'd said that I knew myself to be paranoid, and that there weren't a lot of people I really trusted. "Including you," I said honestly, "No offense."
THERAPIST: You need to trust me if this is going to be productive.
MEREDITH: Not really. You're a neutral third party, and not otherwise involved in my life. And I'm paying you for your discretion.
… She said that I was kind of cut-throat. X_x;; Opps.

[+] Speaking of psychiatrists and trust… OH WILL. WILL, DARLING. He's in Hannibal's office, the muscles of his body still tightly held, but he's allowing the line of his spine to adhere to the overly relaxed angle of the chair. Every single little sign of trust he hands Lecter just makes me want to scream and cry. Oh, Will… he's not worthy of those gems. Trust me.

… And we're gonna have to make this a two-parter, again. *kicks self* Let me know how people are feeling about the schedule, RL, the show… whether Will's dogs prefer squeaky toys or rope bones. Anything, really. ^_~

I hope everyone is doing well.

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